The Class of 1971



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Class Members:


Cynthia Densmore

Graduated from UT - Austin in 1975. I then moved to Houston and here I am today!

Marion Lee Smith

About Me: Married since 1984 to Anne McAlpine with 2 adult children. Retired and living near Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Contact Info:  email -, on Facebook (Lee Smith)

Michael W. Smith

About Me: Never one to be out spoken, throughout the years I have given thought to those I attended school with yet knew little about. I pray that each of you have enjoyed a successful life of your choice full of love, comfort and joy. My sister Linda taught school in Texas for over 30 years and recently retired. My cousin, Randal passed away a few years ago, God bless his soul. I have lived the life of a soldier for 24 years, retired after attending the Army Sergeant's Academy. Since my retirement in 1976 I have worked as a contractor traveling the world to include Belgium, South Korea, Hawaii, Alaska, Thailand, Japan, Bagdad Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and others I will not name due to space. Presently I am the Lead in Kuwait on a project, most likely my last for it is time for me to leave this type of work to the younger generation. I attended Tarleton University and by avoiding PT which I despised, I stepped into the ROTC line. That one step to the left changed the course of my life. I live with my wife Pamela in San Antonio. We have four children, 10 grandchildren and a comfortable life I hope to enjoy after I depart Kuwait next August. Its been a ride my friends, exciting, disappointing at times, dangerous but I always enjoyed being on the edge as a young man. I give all credit of my success to my wife, my family and to each of you whom did not know me but tolerated me during the years we shared preparing for life as it would come our way, determined by the choices, the paths we traveled. I wish each of you who do not remember me as well as those who might a long and peaceful life. Please pause once in awhile and take notice of the world, how it is changing before our very eyes and give thanks to the young men and women who server our Country allowing the rest to live as they choose. I hope to hear from some of you and have provided my email should anyone wish to reach out and say hello. Thank you for as I gaze upon your young faces in the graduating pictures memories flood my mind as though it was yesterday. I love riding my Harley but am not the biker type, I like tinkering with it and I like muscle cars, reading and I work out almost daily. I use to enjoy hunting but that part of me has faded somewhat over the years I believe partly due to scenes I have witnessed in defense of my Country. I must say over the years one female has remained fixed in my mind. She and I were friends at Eastridge in the first grade. I moved away and returned in the seventh a year behind for I was not the most attentive student, something happened, we never spoke again, yet I smile for she has for ever been the friend that got away.          yahoo messenger @ kwtsal3

Jay Waddell

Austin Texas currently.

Billy Wortham

Band and Drama