The Class of 1972



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Class Members:


Mark Butler

Growing old and enjoying life!

1014 Lakewood Drive  McKinney, Tx 75070    (214) 714-8613

Michael Smith

About Me: Hello Mustang Nation.
From time to time I enjoy not living in the past, yet taking a moment to look back along the pathway that lead to where I find myself today.
This is not about me but about taking a look at those who shared a part of my early years, as I remember each of them. I wish each of you a bright future
and say to each of you that no matter what you may feel today, there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you want it bad enough so go forth and do
good things. The world is in need of individuals holding to family values and truth unto themselves and our Nation.
Me? I am 65 as of this October. Retired Army after 24 years active service and since spent years globally as a DOD contractor supporting IT for Medical Facilities in combat areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Presently I am the Country Manager in Kuwait managing US Medical Facilities in Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, UAE for another 8 months then back to San Antonio and retirement in a couple of years. I have been married to Pamela for 32 years, have 4 step children, 1 biological daughter and 10 grand children. But again its not about me, it is about YOU because the future belongs to you....GO TAKE IT.

Contact Info: I can be located @ kwtsal3 on yahoo messenger but no other social media.