Sweetwater Independent School District

207 Musgrove Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-8601 phone  (325) 235-5561 fax


Dr. George McFarland, Superintendent

Laura Bedgood, Secretary to the Superintendent

Melinda McCarty,  Asst. Superintendent

Nathan Ehlert, Business Manager

Mike Marlett, Executive Director of Technology

Ben McGehee, Director of Athletics (325-235-3455)

Kirk Stroman, Director of Special Education

Tim Hampton, Supervisor of Maintenance and Transportation

Barbara Woolsey, Director of Food Service (325-235-2798)

Tammi Stafford, District Testing Coordinator

Angela McFarland, Truancy Prevention Coordinator

Ann Allen, PEIMS Coordinator

Sonya Davison, Network Administrator

John Reddic, Technology Hardware Specialist

Tamra Burt, Technology Secretary

Billie Berry, Human Resources & Insurance

Sabrina Bishop, Payroll

Jackie Kreidel, Accounts Payable

Judy Critz, Accounts Receivable

Debbie Edwards, Administration Secretary


Sweetwater High School

1205 Ragland Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-4371 phone   (325) 235-4861 fax

Jeff Perez, Principal

Brianne Brock, Asst. Principal

Jerry Pyles, Asst. Principal

Ben McGehee, Director of Athletics (325-235-3455)

Amy Clark,  9 - 10th Grade Counselor

Kellie Kiker, 11 - 12th Grade Counselor

Matthew Gudino, Director of Bands

Jenny Doggett, Choral Director

Bobby Sands, Theatre Arts Director

Pam Lawrence, District Librarian

Dee Turner, Registrar

Soila Holloway, Attendance Clerk

Nickie Reyes, Nurse

Susan Bewley, Secretary


Sweetwater Middle School

305 Lamar Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 236-6303 phone   (325) 236-6941 fax

Heath Wright, Principal

Dawn Cornutt, Asst. Principal

Bub McIver, Asst. Principal

Melissa Howard, Counselor

Benita Crain, Secretary

Joanna Chavira-McCann, Attendance Clerk

Melanie Straley, Registrar

Tiffany Rotan, Nurse


Sweetwater Intermediate School

705 E. 3rd Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-3491 phone   (325) 235-8016 fax

Mandy Welch,  Principal

Crystal Meneses, Asst Principal

Amanda Flores, Counselor

Beth Maxwell, Registrar

Penny Jones, Nurse

Marchelle Bowers, Home Liaison

Belinda Zarate, Secretary


East Ridge Elementary School

1700 E. 12th Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-5282 phone   (325) 235-3740 fax

Jimmy Bennett, Principal

Anita Withrow, Counselor

Christina Little, Secretary

Shannon Powell, Nurse

Christa Horn, Home Liaison


Southeast Elementary School

1201 Mustang Drive

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-9222 phone   (325) 235-0260 fax

Peggy Elliott, Principal

Crystal Bibb, Counselor

Courtney Warren, Nurse

Debbie Brittain, Secretary

Vicky Soto, Home Liaison

Tracy Young, Project Read


Southeast Early Childhood Center

1202 Corral Street

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

(325) 235-3482 phone   (325) 235-2771 fax

Vicki Mayberry, Principal

LaRae Greer, Secretary

Lori Lopez, Registrar

Tabitha Roberson, Nurse

J.P. Cowen Achievement Center

700 W. 4th Street

Sweetwater, TX  79556

(325) 235-7850 phone

Betsy Stanaland, Principal

Sharon Herrera, Registrar