Education is important at the Community Foundation of Abilene! We want to help students from our community pursue their dreams of a college education.  The Foundation is home to over 80 scholarship funds established by individuals, organizations and companies. These funds share the common goal of helping to make a difference in the lives of the students of the Big Country. For most of these scholarships there is an on-line application process.

To explore all of the scholarships we offer, please click here.   (note links will work when you are on website)

Applying Online

Please note that you will need to submit a complete application along with all required documents by the deadline of the scholarship(s) for which you are applying. You will not be able to change responses or upload additional information after a scholarship deadline has passed.

 *The deadline for the Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship and the Nancy and Ted Paup Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship is March 1st. Most other scholarship deadlines are April 1st.

  1. Gather required materials
    • School Transcript for uploading.
    • Prepare a list of extracurricular activities, community service, honors, awards, leadership and employment history. You will need to be prepared to provide dates and descriptions.
    • References—Names and email addresses of the references who will write letters of recommendation for you. We strongly encourage you to make personal contact with all references prior to   submitting his or her name on your online application.
  2. Set up an Academic Works account Click here to set up your account. Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right hand corner. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and to create a password. Once you submit your information, you’ll receive a reply email granting you access to the General Application. If you don’t see the reply email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.
  3. Fill out the General Application Once you’ve set up your student account, please complete the online General Application.
    • Please answer the questions carefully and thoroughly. The more information you provide, the better your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. Your answers determine your eligibility for all online scholarships at the Community Foundation. If any required questions are not completed, your application will not be considered.
    • You may work on your application over a period of time. You must click the “Save and Keep Editing”  button at least once every 30 minutes to ensure your work is saved.  If you do not click the “Save and Keep Editing” button, the system will time out and all information entered since the last time you saved will be lost.
    • Click the “Finish and Continue” button to submit your completed General Application.  If all required questions have been answered, you will see a green button with a checkmark and you  may proceed to the next step.  If you missed a question, you will be prompted to complete it and resubmit your General Application.
  4. Apply for scholarships After you complete and submit your General Application, click on “View Opportunities” to review the recommended scholarships that match up with the information included in your submitted General Application.  This does not mean that you are qualified to apply for every scholarship listed as a recommended scholarship.  You will note that each recommended scholarship listed has at least one additional question.  Before you apply for a specific scholarship, please review the qualifications and any restrictions to ensure that you qualify.  You will need to complete the additional questions required by each scholarship that you apply for.

NOTE: You will not be able to change responses or upload additional information after the application deadlines.  Deadlines for completion of scholarship packets may vary, so check website.

  1. Manage references and applications Review your Student Account periodically to check the status of your applications and manage your references.  As part of your “opportunity specific” application process, an email is sent to your references with instructions on how they can upload their reference letters.  It is your responsibility to make sure they do it on time.  Click the “Manage References” button to check if your references have uploaded their letters.  You can click the “Resend” button if you’d like to remind them (this sends a second email to the references with instructions).  An application is not complete until all materials are submitted.
  2. Selections and AwardsThe selection process varies depending upon the scholarship.  A few scholarships may require finalists to participate in an interview.  When final selections are made and if you have been selected, you’ll be notified.  If selected you will log on to your Student Account to accept the award.  After you have accepted, you will be asked to fill out an acceptance form and return it as soon as possible. If you don’t receive a notification, check the status of your application on your Student Account.