For Taylor County, adjoining counties and area known as Big Country:

We are looking for applicants for this fine scholarship which pays between $1,000 to $3,000 per year for two years depending on the applicant’s chosen college and requires the student to furnish a cost estimate. This is not a scholarship that is meant to jump start someone to their four year college studies, but rather a two year award meant to help a student obtain a certificate or degree to help the student obtain employment.  This is not offered to nursing students since we have other scholarships directed at that area.  This would be more on the line of  business and industry including such training as offered by TSTC or Cisco:

1.     Agriculture Technology

2.     Air Conditioning Technology

3.     Applied Engineering Technology

4.     Associate Degree Nursing

5.     Auto Collision Repair

6.     Automotive Technology

7.     Aviation Maintenance Technology

8.     Chemical Dependency Counseling

9.     Computer Aided Drafting and Design

10.  Computer Network Systems & Administration

11.  Computer Science Database& Web Programming

12.  Construction Management Technology

13.  Culinary Arts

14.  Diesel Technology

15.  Digital Arts

16.  Digital Signage Technology

17.  Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic

18.  Energy Management Technology

19.  Environmental Science Technology

20.  Food Service Technology

21.  Health Information Technology

22.  Software and Business Accounting

23.  Software and Business Publishing

24.  Solar Technology

25.  Vocational Nursing

26.  Welding Technology

27.  Wind Energy Technology

High School Senior.  Eligible applicants must be from Taylor County or adjoining counties (known as the Big Country). This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors interested in pursuing a trade or vocational/technical career who would appreciate financial support and have demonstrated strong motivation for success in college. The applicant's selected U.S. school/college must be an accredited institute qualified/certified to provide a certificate or degree in a particular vocational/technical field. Two reference letters must be provided; these may come from your pastor, youth counselor, high school counselor, teacher (past/current)  applicant's employer, or a family friend (no relatives).

Application Process

Part 1 - Complete the online application form by going to our website, clicking on the tab ‘Scholarships’ – then ‘Scholarship Opportunities’, read the guidelines and click on the link under: Set up your Student Account to be able to establish an account by entering your email address and creating a password.  Then you will be able to begin the online application. 

Part 2 - Once the basic application is completed, you will be able to answer the opportunity specific questions. 

Your application packet is not finished until you complete each of the two phases, request two reference letters as noted above and upload an essay and transcript.   Due Date for Application is April 1