TSTC has a new scholarship this year, for new students enrolling beginning fall 2016. This unique program is to provide cost of attendance assistance to qualified students during their first two consecutive semesters of enrollment at TSTC. The total award will be up to $1,000 per full-time student.
The Texan Success Scholarship has been provided by Texas companies and communities to help grow the workforce with skilled people like your students. I've included an information sheet (click here), which describes the evaluation criteria and hope that you will refer your seniors to Ian Robertson atian.robertson@tstc.edu.

 TSTC is in the business of powering the Texas economy with skilled technicians - companies and communities are investing in your students. As superintendent, you have the most influence for those leaving high school and preparing for their future careers. We appreciate you spreading the word among your staff and encouraging students to remember technical careers that will lead to their success in the new economy: