Cowen ECC Facebook Link

Cowen ECC Facebook Link

Southeast Early Childhood Center
1202 Corral Street  Sweetwater, Tx   79556
(325) 235-3482 phone    (325) 235-2771 fax

Vicki Mayberry, Principal 

Tabitha Roberson, Nurse

Lori Lopez, Secretary

LaRae Greer, Secretary


Student Code of Conduct

Elementary Student Handbook


Drop off & Pick up Procedure:

The parent must sign their child in and out of the classroom each day. Only those people that are on the child’s contact list will be allowed to pick the child up from school. There are no exceptions.

  • Early Head Start—Enter in from the southwest doors.

  • Head Start—Enter in from the north doors.

  • Pre Kindergarten & PPCD—Enter the front doors

Tardy Procedure

If your child arrives to school after 8:10 am, you must get a tardy slip from the front office, wait with your child in the cafeteria while they eat breakfast, and then take them to their assigned classroom. The only exception is if you bring a doctor’s note.

Absent Procedure

If your child is going to be absent, please call the front office and report it. If the attendance clerk does not receive a phone call about your child's absence, she will call you. 

Lunch Procedure for Pre Kindergarten

The teacher will take the morning class to the cafeteria at 11:00 am for lunch. Morning Pre-K parents need to pick up their children from the cafeteria no later than 11:30 am. Afternoon Pre-K students may be dropped off at their classrooms at 11:30 am. If an afternoon Pre-K student is tardy (after 11:30 am), the parent must stay in the cafeteria with their child while they eat, then take them to their assigned classroom.

Bad Weather

When bad weather occurs, please listen to KXOX, 96.7 and watch the local television stations for information about school delays and closings. The doors of the school will open at the time that is mentioned on these stations. The tardy bell will be 15 minutes after the start time.