Sweetwater High School
1205 Ragland Street   Sweetwater, Tx   79556
(325) 235-4371 phone   (325) 235-4861 fax


Jeff Perez, Principal

Brianne Brock, Asst. Principal

Jerry Pyles, Asst. Principal

Ben McGehee, Athletic Director (325) 235-3455

Kellie Kiker, 11 -12th Grade Counselor

Amy Clark, 9 - 10th Grade Counselor

Matthew Gudino, Director of Bands

Jenny Doggett, Choral Director

Bobby Sands, Theatre Arts Director

Pam Lawrence, District Librarian

Dee Turner, Registrar

Soila Holloway, Attendance Clerk

Mara Gilbert, Nurse

Susan Bewley, Secretary


SHS Counseling Center 

Yearbook Info:

Please visit http://yearbookforever.com to place orders for a yearbook. Please select Sweetwater High School from Sweetwater, TX to order. Yearbooks are $50.

Sweetwater High School Scholarship Application (PDF)  

The above link is for local scholarships. Click for download


School Colors:  Red & White Mascot:  Mustangs

Sweetwater High School Alma Mater:

On Sweetwater’s northern border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Onward, upward, ever forward! Watchword-“Never fail”Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Sweetwater, all hail!

Sweetwater High School Fight Song:

Here's to the Red and the White, We're Mustangs - we've come to fight. Give a cheer - show your might, For the victory's in sight, And the battle cry will be Fight Fight Fight! Here's to the best in the land, And right to the end we'll stand, For the   M-U-S-T-A-N-G-S Fight Fight Fight!


Download the July 2017 Career and Technical Education Methods of Administration (MOA) Notice from here