1205 Ragland Street
Sweetwater, Tx   79556
(325) 235-4371 phone
(325) 235-4861 fax


Kathy Smartt, Principal

Tecka Mobley, Asst. Principal

Ben McGehee, Athletic Director (325) 235-3455

RuthAnn Campbell, 11 -12th Grade Counselor

Amy Clark, 9 - 10th Grade Counselor

Angela McFarland, Truancy Prevention Coordinator

Shane Faucett, Director of Bands

Jenny Doggett, Choral Director

Bobby Sands, Theatre Arts Director

Pam Lawrence, District Librarian

Sharon Herrera, Registrar

Christi Little, Attendance Clerk

Nickie Reyes, Nurse

Susan Bewley, Secretary



SHS Counseling Center 

Sweetwater High School Scholarship Application (PDF)  

The above link is for local scholarships. Click for download


School Colors:  Red & White Mascot:  Mustangs

Sweetwater High School Alma Mater:

On Sweetwater’s northern border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Onward, upward, ever forward! Watchword-“Never fail”Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Sweetwater, all hail!

Sweetwater High School Fight Song:

Here's to the Red and the White, We're Mustangs - we've come to fight. Give a cheer - show your might, For the victory's in sight, And the battle cry will be Fight Fight Fight! Here's to the best in the land, And right to the end we'll stand, For the   M-U-S-T-A-N-G-S Fight Fight Fight!


Procedures for High School Visitors

Parents and all visitors that visit Sweetwater High School will need to first stop at the Main Office, present a valid Texas ID card (such as a driver license) and obtain a visitor’s pass. The pass must be worn at all times while you are visiting our school. If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher, please make an appointment at least 24 hours before you would like to meet. Teachers cannot interrupt instructional time to talk with parents. However, we would like to encourage parents to take the time to meet with their child's teacher.  Recent Sweetwater High School graduates may not visit the campus to each lunch and visit with currently enrolled students.

Sweetwater High School utilizes Visitor Security Software. This software helps track visitors, students, faculty, contractors and volunteers at our school, providing a safer more monitored environment. When you obtain a visitor's pass or come into the office to pick-up your child from school, your ID is scanned into this system. This system screens visitors and has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of our school. 

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to ensure that every child receives a safe, secure and orderly learning community!!!