New Teacher Orientation



1.  Computer Network Log In Credentials (see Handout)

     These credentials are good for both desktop computer and mobile devices on WIFI


         How to log into the Lightspeed Network Filter for Teacher Access:

              *  Go to

              *  At the blue Lightspeed Access page, click on the 'Not You' link at the top left

              *  Use the same network log in as your computer to open up teacher access





2.  Sweetwater ISD Website and Intranet Tour

                        Be sure to log into the Intranet area found under the TEACHERS menu for access

                        to the 'Absence Request System' and other District Forms.





3. GMail, Calendar, and Google Drive (see Handout)

                                     Be sure you are logged into your account and not another teachers' when on a multi-user computer. When finished be sure to log out of your account on a multi-user machine.





4. Campus Copier Mailbox Use (see Handout)

           Sweetwater ISD employees are encouraged to use electronic resources instead of paper whenever possible. Secondary Teachers should be sure to utilize the eBackpack LMS.





5. District Business Office Information:


Paychecks go out on the 20th of the month, unless that day falls on the weekend or a holiday.


To Do List For Your First Paycheck:

  • Look at all line items on the check stub

  • Call Sabrina Bishop (103) for clarification on any check items

  • Check Federal Tax Withholding and call to adjust if needed. There is a calculator in Employee Access that will allow you to see the differences in exemptions claimed.

  • Check supplemental deductions - new year costs begin with October Payroll


Health Insurance

  • All Health Insurance Forms are due within 30 days

  • Supplemental Health Forms are also due within 30 days

  • The time clock begins on the first day of employment

  • All questions about insurance should be directed to Sabrina (103)


Sick Leave Bank Decisions

  • Cost to Join - employees donate 3 days into the bank

  • Benefits - employees receive up to 50 days in a calendar year

  • Maximum lifetime benefit from the bank is 75 days

  • Any use of bank days must meet all approval guidelines

  • Employees must re-enroll after using any bank days

  • Questions about the Sick Leave Bank should be directed to Laura Bedgood (104)


SISD Cafeteria Plan

  • A representative from First Financial will meet with each of you in the coming days

  • Every employee must sign off with First Financial even if no additions are made

  • Money used in the plan can be deducted "pre-tax" 

  • Pre-tax options are required to be in place for 1 year

  • There are several different types of insurance, annuity, etc. available


Medical Reimbursement Plan

  • An option within the Cafeteria Plan

  • Pre-tax money can be deducted monthly and used for medical expenses

  • The full amount of the total yearly deductions are available immediately

  • Money not spent within the designated time frame may be forfeited

  • Questions about Medical Reimbursement can be directed to Sabrina (103)


Accounts Payable

  • All requests for district funds are due by noon on Tuesday

  • Requested checks are issued and delivered on Friday

  • Questions about Accounts Payable should be made to Jackie Kreidel (ext. 105) 


Extra Duty Pay

  • All time-sheets for extra duty pay should be signed and submitted to Sabrina (ext 103), usually through the campus office secretaries


Accounts Receivable

  • First Financial Bank Sweetwater is our district depositor bank

  • When making deposits, be sure to write your district account code on the deposit slip

  • Turn deposit slips into Deborah Mulanax (ext. 106) in a timely manner

  • Please deposit all monies into the bank promptly or lock in vault. Never leave money in your classroom, car, office, etc.


Workers Comp

  • All employees are required to report all accidents and injuries to their supervisor

  • Questions about Workers Comp may be directed to Sabrina (ext. 103) 





6. Employee Access Website Credentials (given at Admin when hired)





7. CopSync911





8. Bullying


District Website Resources -

  Included in the link above is a public online form form for anyone to report the bullying of a Sweetwater ISD student.


ESC14 Safe and Effective School Information Portal -






9. Skyward Teacher Log In Credentials (see Handout)

                * Setting up Gradebook Categories and Percentages

                * Adding Assignments

                *  Printing Progress Reports






10. Eduphoria Log In Credentials (see Handout)

                *  Assessment Data

                *  Technology Help Requests




11. Locally Required Trainings for all SISD Staff


Please be sure that you are logged into your district email account before clicking on the link below:

Please note that staff members who have a CDL license do not have to complete the White-Fleet Driver training.




Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention - Employees of Sweetwater ISD are required to report any suspicion of child abuse.






12. TEKS Resource System (see Handout)




13. eBackpack (see Handout)


       eBackpack Offline Access

       Automatic eBackpack grade export to Skyward

       eBackpack Knowledge Base for Teachers




14. ThinkCentral (see Handout)




15. School Way Administration Console (You will receive a welcome email when your account is ready)




16. Diabetes




17.  Suicide Prevention