East Ridge Elementary students competed in the UIL Academic Meet held at SIS on Monday afternoon.  The results of the competiton were:

2nd Grade


Hayden Baker (not pictured) 2nd Place, Kimmy Martinez 4th place, Mea Cedillo 6th place, Kaden Andrews alternate


Creative Writing

Claire Paty (not pictured) 1st place, Jackson Dodd 3rd place, Stephanie Leyva Alternate, Hanna kamer


3rd Grade


Alyson Moore 4th place, Jacelin Smart 3rd place, Jaquelin Arellano 6th place, Rachel Sparks Alternate


Ready Writing

Jazel Villa 3rd place, Rachel Sparks 2nd place, Gabriella Pena 6th place, Jenna Burkham Alternate



Emma Dent 6th place


Music Memory - 3rd place

Rylen Moncada, Ana Lynch, Jessica Aguilera, Gretchen Swank, Megan McKeen