SIS hosted the annual Elementary UIL Meet on Monday, November 21st. Over 200 2nd-5th graders were competing from Sweetwater, Wylie, and Snyder in various UIL Contest areas.  The following contest winners from Sweetwater Intermediate School:

Ready Writing-4th grade

3rd Krysten Smith

4th Elli Lehnert

6th Hailey Orosco


Ready Writing-5th grade

2nd Samantha Jones


Number Sense-4th grade

4th Isaiah Pena

6th (tie) Stephan Taylor


Number Sense-5th grade

2nd Stephanie Gallardo

5th Matthew Hernandez


Oral Reading-4th grade

1st Collin Stafford


Oral Reading-5th grade

1st (tie) Madison Mims

3rd Cyera Pieper


Art (Team)-4th grade

2nd Kylie Bagby, Maddy Hickson, Elli Lehnert, Michelle Zapata


Art (Team)-5th grade

3rd Ray Gilber, Kara Lehnert, Stephanie Rubio, Joshua Stegge


Music Memory (Team)-4th grade

3rd Isabelle Boone, Elizabeth Fernandez, Makeena Milner, Krysten Smith, Carlos Perez, Hailey Orozco


Music Memory (Team)-5th grade

3rd Carson Brownlow, Clay Burkham, Victoria Pena, Julia Rees, Luke Williams


Spelling-4th grade

6th Patrick Hutson


Spelling-5th grade

4th Kara Lehnert

5th Taylor Shamblin

6th Ethan Caballero


Listening-5th grade

3rd Cyera Pieper

5th Riley Dodd

6th Jr. Turner


Dictionary Skills-5th grade

4th Carson Brownlow

5th Shania Boyd


Social Studies-5th grade

4th Clay Burkham


Maps, Graphs, and Chart-5th grade

3rd Riley Dodd

4th Jr. Turner

5th Kayden Peek