Croix Sather, a writer, motivational speaker, and survivor of a near-fatal car accident took time to share his inspirational story of overcoming obstacles and he promoted strategies for achieving personal goals to students at Sweetwater High School as he completes his 100 day, 100 marathon journey across America. Sather began a 3,000-mile trek February 26 in San Diego and will complete it June 4 in New York City; the entire trip will be completed on foot and includes 100 presentations along the route.

A drunk driver struck Sather when he was riding a bike at age 14, an accident that doctors thought would leave him unable to function. Sather described how students could avoid complacency and achieve personal goals in the face of adversity.

At the end of the talk, Sather gave each student a copy of his book, Dream Big Act Big.  For more information on Croix Sather go to his website at