Aim for Success Inc., will present their nationally acclaimed program to the SISD 6th through 12th grade students and their parents this week. These Aim for Success motivational programs have educated over a million young people across America during the past 15 years and will address Abstinence Education here in Sweetwater.

The first Aim for Success meeting will be a preview of the program for parents and interested community members, taking place at the Sweetwater Middle School Gym on Wednesday night, May 11th, starting at 6pm. Students will see the program, with their own age groups, the next day at the Sweetwater High School Auditorium.  Student groups will begin at 9am and continue throughout the day.

Aim For Success addresses the problems of teen pregnancies, the escalating STD epidemic and the traumatic, emotional pain often associated with teen sexual activity. The program clearly demonstrates to the students that saving sex for marriage provides freedom from these problems while giving them the freedom to fulfill their dreams and goals!

Questions about this program can be directed to your child's school administrator's office.