Happy 2012. The first semester flew by in a hurry but not without a lot of good things happening in SISD. Our students have been exposed to new teaching methods that fit with our C-Scope curriculum. The State of Texas has raised the bar in the assessments our students will be responsible for beginning this semester. Gone are the days when students can simply memorize facts and be successful. Higher level thinking skills, group cooperation, and new ways of communicating are skills that must be mastered to be successful in classes and in our global high tech world. The new assessments your child has been taking this year should be reflective of this. It has been an adjustment for the teachers as well. The classroom teacher is the most important person in this process. I hope you have a good rapport and feel open to work with them.

Please do all you can at home to help your student prepare for the new STAAR and End of Course test. It doesn’t have to be you helping them do the work.  Your support, encouragement, and cooperation with the school will go a long way. A huge factor that you have direct control of is getting your child to school every day. They cannot learn if they are not there.  We like to say ‘if you miss school, you miss out.’  It is vital to our student’s success to have your involvement in the education process.

Encourage your child to be involved in the extracurricular activities at your school. So many things are available for them to participate in. Research makes it very clear how extracurricular students excel so much more than those who do not participate. Our Band and Choir programs have made huge strides this year. Academic competitions, Drama, Athletics, Robotics, Jump Rope, Art, and so many others have kids participating and gaining experiences they can get nowhere else.

Please know that SISD is here for one reason and one reason only.  We want to educate our students in the safest, best way possible and prepare them for the vast world out there.


Join us in guiding your child on a path to success.