Mrs. Debbie Brownlow, kindergarten teacher at Southeast Elementary School signed the District's Funderwear and sent it to the fourth recipient for the 2011-2012 school year -  Skylar Houston, teacher and coach at Sweetwater Middle School!  Mr.  Houston has Stayed the Course for Sweetwater ISD.

Mr. Houston volunteered to begin The Choice Academy at Sweetwater Middle School.  The purpose of this academy is to give students that have consistently made poor choices the opportunity to improve their academics through more individualized teaching procedures and to educate students how to make better choices.  Mr. Houston is teaching academics along with character building and self discipline lessons. 

Mr. Houston has proven to be a true team player by doing whatever it takes to support the students of the district.  He unselfishly is willing to give his time and energy to assist the team.  His willingness along with his positive attitude is truly commendable. Congratulations to Mr. Houston for being an SISD shining star!

Mr. Pittman has said, “Funderwear is given to staff members that have gone above and beyond, shown a great attitude, and exemplify the spirit we want to shine in SISD.”