The Dual Credit Program at Sweetwater High School has been around for many years. In fact, SHS was one of the very first high schools in West Texas to partner with a college. The original partnership was with TSTC right here in Sweetwater. Many students took advantage of this program for many years and continue to do so now with the partnership of Western Texas College. WTC accredits the academic core courses, while TSTC continues its support by sponsoring specialty technology courses.

The main difference between Sweetwater’s dual credit classes and others in the area, is the live, face to face instruction on the Sweetwater High School campus. College certified instructors offer their courses live, in front of the students, in the classrooms of SHS. Sweetwater High School is fortunate to offer this type of instruction for most of their dual credit classes. Other local schools must put their students in front of computer monitors or TV screens. The disadvantage to this method is that the student moves on to college never having been instructed by a live college professor. Sweetwater High School students are very fortunate to have this great college prep feature.

Dual Credit classes are offered at a great discount. A student can take a 3 hour college credit class for less than $100, 6 hours for approximately $150 and 9 hours for $200. These are transferrable hours to any Texas public college. When doing comparison research on college tuition, it becomes very apparent that this is a great bargain. This is made possible by a trust set up by Charles Nunn several years ago. College transferrable hours that are achieved through live instruction, not watching a TV or working online, are a wonderful opportunity for the students of Sweetwater High School. As always, SHS still offers online courses through TSTC as well. The online courses are completely paid for with the Nunn trust fund monies.

An Associate’s degree can be earned at SHS combining all of these options. But, there are some pitfalls of which parents should be aware before students make a commitment to get their Associate’s while in high school. For example, starting your college career as a junior may not be the best situation for some students. The high school counselor can help you decide if this option is right for you and your child.

Sweetwater ISD is very proud of our live, face to face, dual credit classes. Over 20 dual credit high school/college courses are offered at Sweetwater High School, with over 150 students participating. SHS students will earn over 2000 hours of college credit this year at a highly discounted price. If you have questions or you would like more information, please contact the SHS Counseling Center at 235-4371 extension 827.