Sweetwater High School Principal Stacy Jones had a picture taken of the school's Student Council recently and he commented on how much the group is doing, "This amazing group of students has accomplished a great deal in a very
short amount of time. They have walked in the Heart Walk, planned a complete Homecoming Celebration, and successfully planned and carried out the 2013 Powderpuff game.

They have already had two concession stands at Thursday night games and have made donations to the American Heart Association and United Way. We have senior students in this group who are volunteering their time to tutor other students, helping in credit recovery, and planning a Winter Formal.

I am extremely proud of the council this year, under the leadership of president, Caroline Lawrence, vice, Blake Cumbie, secretary, Bryan Vause, and treasurer, Taylor McPherson. They are a great group of students, and I feel fortunate to get to work with them."

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