According to Sweetwater High School Agriculture Teacher Cory Rains, "It has been an extremely fast paced two weeks for the livestock exhibitors of Sweetwater FFA. However they have been able to enjoy some success along the way." Some of the results his students are having:

Ft. Worth- Trey Harvey 3rd place Spot barrow, Maddie Baucum 7th place York barrow, Blake Cumbie 9th place Crossbred barrow, and Stephen May 10th place York barrow.

San Angelo- Latimer Burnett showed a 3rd place Duroc barrow and a 3rd place Hamp barrow, Kyrsten Smith showed a 4th place Spot barrow, Stephen May had a 8th place Crossbred barrow, Creed Kinsey showed a 8th place Chester barrow, Blake Cumbie had a 9th place Hamp barrow, Morgan Browning had a 9th place Spot barrow, and Trey Harvey had a 10th place Spot barrow.

San Antonio- Caroline Brennan exhibited a 5th place Hereford steer. Kaitlyn Foster showed a 4th place Hamp barrow, Latimer Burnett had a 4th place Duroc barrow, Blake Cumbie had a 5th place Duroc barrow, Jake Burton showed a 6th place Crossbred barrow, Kyrsten Smith 7th place Berkshire barrow, Sean Morrow 10th place Hamp barrow, and Jackson Foster 10th place Duroc barrow.