On Saturday April 20th, the SMS Robotics Program took five teams to compete in the GEAR Robotics Competition at Texas Tech University. The competition officially began on March 23rd when the theme of the competition was revealed - Dr. Roboto, focusing on how robots are used in the medical field.  Each team designed a robot, programmed it to complete simulated medical missions, and wrote an engineering essay explaining how they approached the challenge.  Each team also created a team name and t-shirt design for the competition.  

The SMS Robotics teams were especially recognized out of the 122 competing teams at the competition by receiving the GEAR HEAD award.  This special award is earned by the teams with the most imaginative use of materials in their robot design.  Also, sixth graders Bianca Bohall and Nikki Gutierrez scored in the top ten percent of individuals at the competition.

SMS 042213.JPG

Team members pictured are from left to right, Back row:  Ty Casto, David Ehlert, Daniel Pena  Middle Row:  Gabriel Salazar, Jaelynn Page, Blake Armstrong, Katy Nixon, Jaci McElyea, Jonathon Magee, and Lindsey Romero  Lower Middle:  Skylar Flores, Annaliese Espinosa, Isabella Pena, Josh Browning  Front row, Christa Martin, Annisa McCollum