On Monday, August 19th, all employees of Sweetwater ISD will participate in the first ever Sweetwater Strong RED Run!  This will be a one of a kind experience that is not about speed but about celebrating positive energy with your co-workers, families and fans! 

It is about people strongly supporting Sweetwater and wanting to start this school year with the best day ever!  Whether you are a casual morning walker or a Mustang athlete, the 1.1 miles of Red Run will be the happiest celebration you have experienced in a very long time.  Everyone is invited to join us so spread the word! Invite your family, friends, neighbors and Mustang Fans!

If you are interested in what to expect, search out the Color Run and Color Blaze pictures available on the Internet.  However, there will be two main differences, our run is 1.1 miles instead of a 5K and the only color in our world will be RED

And, there are two options.  Not only do we need moving participants, we need employees to share the color at the color stations.  So it is your decision whether to participate by:  (1.) Completing the 1.1 miles or (2.) Sharing your joy by getting red colored powder on the walkers/runners.  Either way, it is guaranteed to be the happiest and most unique beginning to our school year. 

Wear white and meet at the Mustang Championship sign at the Mustang Bowl and finish in RED. After all, why would anyone choose to be any color other than RED? -- Kathy Smartt

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