Thank a School Board Member

(Sweetwater) – Texans benefit every day from the tireless work and countless hours contributed by a group of more than 7,300 men and women in communities across the state. These local volunteers are elected by their constituents and receive no compensation for their work as public servants. These men and women are the school board members of Texas.

January is School Board Recognition Month and Sweetwater ISD will take this opportunity to thank these local leaders for devoting time to support public education and serve our local schools.

“It’s more important than ever before that the public shows support for public education. Board members face critical challenges in their roles as advocates, and they will continue to stand strong and guard against anything that takes away from our children and undermines our public schools,” said Mr. Terry Pittman, Sweetwater ISD superintendent.

“Even though we are making a special effort in January to show appreciation to our board members, we realize their many contributions reflect a year-round commitment. They generously give of themselves to ensure that decisions directly affecting our local schools are made by representatives of this community, people who are close to our schools and know our teachers, parents, and students. In these challenging times, they face difficult choices and shoulder critical responsibilities. Their ultimate goal is always focused on the future success of the children in our district,” Mr. Pittman said.

Major district achievements accomplished recently under the board’s leadership include the iPad Initiative that expanded with the additional $200,000 grant, the Cool Schools Grant that paid for $1.1 million in new air conditioning, and $2.5 million in energy management improvements that will be paid through the energy savings.

The board members serving Sweetwater are Genevieve (Ginny) Mayes, Becky Jimenez, Mark Meneses, Russ Petty, Nancy Johnson, Leah Andrews and Neal Hoover.

“Our district benefits from the contributions of the dedicated efforts of these local citizens who truly care about our kids. Serving as a crucial link between the community and classroom, this board is responsible for an annual budget of $24 million, 2279 students, 380 employees, and 6 campuses. We applaud their willingness to serve as advocates for our children and the voice of public education,” he said.