This year’s theme of Hearts and Hands is perfect to call to mind the many ways our local school board members contribute to the education of our schoolchildren.

First of all, the heart is where all school board service is born. In its purest form, the desire to serve is a selfless attitude, a desire to help someone other than yourself. Serving on a school board is a generous gift to our community.

School board members donate many hours of their time—preparing for meetings, attending meetings, and attending school-related functions and events. The word “donate” is an important one in that sentence; school board members are volunteers, receiving no pay for the work they do to help our school district. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their willingness to serve. 

Secondly, combined with the generous impulse of the heart, the hands make the desire to serve become reality. The hands represent the follow-through, implementation, and actual work of the school board member, and make no mistake, there is hard work involved.

Whether the work involves stretching the district’s dollars as far as humanly possible, or whether the work is taking the time to understand complicated legislation affecting our schools, or whether the work is speaking up to help community members see the vision of what can be provided for our children—it takes both the heart and the hands to make a valuable school board member in a community.

January is School Board Recognition Month in Texas. Join me in taking a moment to thank the school board members in our community. We couldn’t make it without them!


Sweetwater Strong,

Mr. Terry Pittman
SISD Superintendent