According to SHS Ag Teacher Cory Rains, "Since the first week of February the major stock show scene has not slowed down. Here are some of the results of the Sweetwater FFA members:"

Ft. Worth
Latimer Burnett- 1st Place Duroc Barrow
Blake Cumbie- 8th Place heavy weight York Barrow
Jackson Foster- 8th Place  light weight York Barrow
Kaitlyn Foster- 9th Place Hamp Barrow
Ty Crain- 18th Place Cross lamb

San Antonio
Stephen May- 1st Place Hamp Barrow
Latimer Burnett- 1st Place York Barrow
Jay Lomas- 3rd Place Cross Barrow
Taiden Smith- 3rd Place Spot Barrow
Blake Cumbie- 4th Place York Barrow
Alyssa Soles- 4th Place Duroc Barrow
Caroline Brennan- 5th Place Chianina Steer
Chase Soles- 6th Place Spot Barrow
Morgan Browning- 7th Place Cross Barrow
Kyrsten Smith- 7th Place Cross Barrow

San Angelo
Latimer Burnett- 2nd Place York Barrow
Kaitlyn Foster- 4th Place Hamp Barrow
Jackson Foster- 4th Place Hamp Barrow
Stephen May- 5th Place Cross Barrow
Chase Soles- 5th Place Spot Barrow
Taiden Smith- 6th Place Cross Barrow
Kolleen Martin-Adams- 7th Place Cross Lamb

Over the next two weeks we will attend the Star of Texas in Austin and the Houston livestock shows.