Sweetwater ISD had the privilege of hosting an award-winning math educator and President of Southwestern University, Dr. Edward Burger, at Southeast Elementary and Sweetwater Middle School before dismissing for Spring Break.  

He made appearances at both campuses to visit with students and stress the importance of math in everyday life.  Students at Southeast were able to have class photos made with him and the students at Sweetwater Middle School welcomed him with "Dr. Burger" selfies.

Southeast Elementary Principal Peggy Elliott introduced Dr. Burger to her students this way, "It is an honor to introduce Dr. Edward Burger to you today. Dr. Burger is the President of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. That's kind of like being the principal but to a really big school. He is also a consultant teaching others how to think and create.

He has delivered over 700 speeches all across the world. That's a lot of math knowledge he's sharing with people and kids everywhere he goes.

Did you guys know that he's an author of over 70 articles and books? That could fill up at least 5 big shelves in our library.
He has also made appearances on TV and created over 4000 videos online like the ones we watch during math class.

Dr. Burger has received at least 18 awards and accolades for all his hard work in the field of math including being named as America's best math teacher. Those are kind of like the trophies and ribbons you guys receive win you win. In fact many of his math students have named him Mathematics Teacher Extraordinaire.
Dr. Burger has also written jokes for people to say on national television.

Please give a great big Southeast Sweetwater Strong welcome to Dr. Edward Burger, known to us as Professor Burger."