The Sweetwater Jaycees annually host the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup during the second weekend in March. To help educate students, Mr. David Sager and Mr. Dennis Cumbie, professional rattlesnake handlers, education officers, and safety experts for the Sweetwater Jaycees, visited with students concerning the rattlesnake’s habitat, characteristics, life cycle, different species, research, safety, and emergency medical treatment if bitten.

Through a partnership with Sweetwater ISD, Sweetwater Jaycees, Regional Educational Service Center 14, and Lifesize, a digital learning program that reached thousands of students across the United States was presented featuring live rattlesnakes that were professionally handled for demonstration purposes. Selected sites also the opportunity to participate as interactive sites for live Q & A with the rattlesnake handlers. Other locations were able to interact through a live website with questions.