From Jenny Doggett - 

The SHS Choir had 6 students qualify at the Regional level to perform their Solo at State on Monday, May 25. I am very excited to announce that ALL 6 students received a medal for their performance at State! We had 4 Silver Medalists: Martin Morini- Sophomore, Dylan Jimenez- Junior, Abby McPherson- Senior, and Kori-Ana Gutierrez- Senior. The choir also had 2 Gold Medalists: Sara Henington- Junior, and Eliza Delgado- Senior. The SHS Choir is proud of these students as they represented SHS at the UIL State Contest. 

SHS Choir Senior, Eliza Delgado, has received a very important state award. She was recognized by the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) Texas Music Scholar Award. Just like the Texas Scholars, she had to excel in the classroom, have leadership and distinguishing qualities, as well as excel in her TMEA music and UIL events. She was awarded a certificate from the state of Texas and a patch for her jacket. It is with great honor that the SHS Choir announces that Eliza is a recipient of the Texas Music Scholar Program.

Eliza Delgado