The campus principal, assistant principal, and office staff hosted a cookout for Summer School Students to thank them for their hard work and dedication during the Summer School program at Sweetwater High School.

"The students work hard and they deserve something special," said Office Manager Laura Orr.  "I know that taking the time to go to school each day, when most of their friends are still in bed, requires tremendous effort."

This year's summer school included four weeks of instruction four days each week.  Students were able to brush up on critical Algebra, English I, Biology, and English II skills while any student who needed to make up credit had the opportunity to complete courses in the Credit Recovery Classroom.  Terri Petty, Paula Ordway, Sandra Sanchez, Melody Copland, Dan Huskerson, and Shane Faucet were teachers that volunteered to work with students during the Summer School.

Snacks were provided to students each day during summer school. Several students reported that the best part of summer school was seeing what new snack was planned each day.  Funding for snacks came from the district's general fund and Champions for Kids.  Champions for Kids is a national non-profit organization that makes it simple to give kids in communities the resources they need to thrive!

The Texas Education Agency requires students to pass STAAR End of Course Exams to be eligible to receive a diploma from Texas public schools.  Summer School students as well as other students who did not pass the STAAR Exam may re-take the exam during summer testing the week of July 6, 2015.

Summer STAAR Testing Schedule:

Monday, July 6th - English I

Tuesday, July 7th - Algebra I

 Wednesday, July 8th - English II

 Thursday, July 9th - Biology and US History

Summer STAAR testing will start at 8:00 a.m. each day in the Sweetwater High School Library. The campus goal is for all students to pass required testing before entering their senior year.

The vision of the 2015 Sweetwater High School Summer School was to provide an opportunity for students to regain credit for failed classes while providing an avenue for students who failed STAAR subject area exams to prepare for the July 2015 retest.  Focused summer interventions and assistance for struggling students is another program that the high school is implementing as they work to become the premier high school in the Big Country.