Sweetwater High School announced today that one of its four Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Lego Robotics Team advanced to State Competition following last weekend's regional event held at Clyde High School. "Robotics education is a valuable resource for teaching science, technology, engineering, and math skills to students," said Team Sponsor, Kathy Witt. "Students who participate develop critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills linked to 21st century skills such as creativity, imagination, curiosity, and innovation." 

Students have been preparing for this week's contest for two months following the Best Robotics Competition last fall.  The school's four teams each design, collaborate, plan, construct, and program a Lego-based robot to perform specific tasks. Each team's robot is unique and developed by using strategies that involve speed, accuracy, sensing objects, and light.  The completed robot must meet competition specifications on materials and size.

The team that will represent Sweetwater at the State Competition this spring was the only all-female team competing in Clyde. "I am excited that an all-female team has support in our school and community to achieve at high levels," said Senior Ashley Parker.  "Female students can perform in science, technology, engineering, and math classes as well as male students."  Other team members advancing to the state Competition include Senior Mary Morris and Sophomores Lindsey Romero and Alyssa Ramirez.

Many parents and family members attended the competition last weekend to support and encourage students to take an active role in their own learning.  Sweetwater High School continues to expand academic electives, such as robotics, as it improves the rigor of instruction aimed at making Sweetwater High School the premier school in the Big Country.