The weather last Friday night caused an unfortunate situation with the cancelling of the Mustang game and the moving of the Homecoming coronation.

We realize this caused a lot of heartache and confusion. Many people waited patiently in Mustang Bowl for the game to be played and some waited at home or at an outside venue. Please understand that our students safety is always our utmost concern. The conditions Friday night did  not allow an ample clearing of the required time of delay between the heavy lightning in the area. So, SISD along with many other school districts in the area made the decision to cancel the game on the side of safety.

Those of you that purchased tickets and never used them are invited to use that same ticket to come to the Pecos vs. Sweetwater game on Friday September 23. It will be honored just as it would have at the Homecoming game.

Those of you that  used your tickets and entered the stadium and do not have a whole ticket can purchase a discounted ticket at the SISD Administration Building beginning Wednesday of this week. Those tickets can be purchased for $ 4.00 rather than the normal $7.00. The ONLY discounted tickets sold for the game will be at the Administration building at 207 Musgrove. All tickets at the gate will be the usual $7.00. We do this to help accommodate our loyal Mustang fans that did not get to see a game last Friday. We encourage you to come support the Mustangs as they begin District play on Friday night.

Unfortunately refunds will not be given, but we will offer this as an alternative for the unfortunate strike of Mother Nature last Friday.

Thank you and Go Red,