From Dr. Ron Morris, Principal Sweetwater High School -

Due to the press coverage that J.P. Cowen and Southeast Elementary Schools received about their Crazy Sock Day earlier in the week, students asked why high school couldn't have a Crazy Sock Day also.  

On Friday, March 3rd, to help usher in spring and have a little bit a fun, SHS hosted its first High School Crazy Sock Day.  Sock Day was added as a PBIS Tier I activity to assist the school develop positive experiences for all students. Students, teachers, and administrators participated with student top prizes going to Serena Flores (12), Kaitlyn Foster (12), Charity Thompson (10), Chris Renfro (9), and an honorable mention to Anastasia White (10).  

Faculty and staff who were voted on by students as top participants included Librarian Pam Lawrence, Substitute Teacher Mary Carr, and Social Studies Teacher/Department Head Deana Gray.  All together more that 20% of students and 25% of faculty and staff participated.