Campus Classroom Bell Schedule:

Southeast Early Childhood Center:
                 Head Start (3-4)                                          7:45am - 3:05pm
                 Early Head Start (0-2)                                 7:45am - 3:20pm
Southeast Elementary School, Grades PK - 1             8:10am - 3:40pm

East Ridge Elementary School, Grades 2 - 3              8:00am - 3:30pm

Sweetwater Intermediate School, Grades 4 - 5           8:00am - 3:30pm

Sweetwater Middle School, Grades 6 - 8                     8:15am - 3:45pm

Sweetwater High School, Grades 9 - 12                      8:10am - 3:40pm

JP Cowen Achievement Center (AEP/DAEP)              8:10am - 3:40pm


On designated days during the school year, and when safety situations arise, SISD will dismiss school early. The regular times for early dismissal are listed below:

Southeast Early Childhood Center:
                 Head Start (3-4)                                          12:05pm         
                 Early Head Start (0-2)                                 12:20pm

Southeast Elementary                                                  12:40pm

East Ridge Elementary                                                12:30pm

Sweetwater Intermediate                                             12:30pm

Sweetwater Middle School                                          12:45pm       

Sweetwater High School                                             12:40pm

JP Cowen Achievement Center (AEP/DAEP)             12:40pm

On occasion, due to a unique event or situation, a different early release schedule will be followed. SISD campuses will provide information about these times on that particular occasion.