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SHS Library subscribes to GrolierOnline for you!  Here are just some of the things offered on this website…

  •       Reference databases
  •       Encyclopedias in English and Spanish
  •       Science and Social Studies Encyclopedias
  •       Dictionaries and Thesauri
  •       1,100 different newspapers from around the world
  •       765 Magazines online
  •       Interactive atlas and maps

You can access all this information here at school or at home.

Web address is

Email for user name and password.



American Indian History and Culture 

Access American West

Username: j177902    Password: learn


EBSCO Host: non-fiction ebooks and library databases

User name = sweetwaterhs     Password = ktwelve


Britannica Online

User name = 177902001     Password = learn


Gale / Cengage

Username: j177902    Password: learn


ProQuest SIRS Discoverer

Username: j177902    Password: learn


Teaching Books   

Username: j177902    Password: learn



Cite your work using these free websites :


Follett Shelf:

Your user name = your student number.     Your password = your last name.

Right now you must have an internet connection to access e books.  Follett will be releasing a mobile app for e books soon. Mobile apps are available for download to use the audio books now - Talk to Pam Lawrence if you are interested in using our digital audio books.




All you need to borrow digital titles from your library is an internet connection and a library card.

If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, you may want to download OverDrive’s free mobile app, OverDrive Media ConsoleTM, to easily find and save your library’s OverDrive website and to download and enjoy borrowed titles on your device.

Get the app from your app store or from for these popular devices and platforms: Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS (iPhone®/iPad®/iPod® touch), Windows® Phone, Kindle® Fire tablets, KoboTM tablets, and NOOK® tablets.

Borrow titles with one click

If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, use the app’s Add a Library (or Get Books) feature to find and save your library’s OverDrive website. On any device with a browser, you can also go directly to your library’s site at: 

Once you find a title to borrow on your library’s site, click Borrow and enter your library card information. You’ve now borrowed the title—that’s all there is to it.

Read in your browser with OverDrive Read

The easiest way to start reading a borrowed eBook is to use OverDrive Read (if available). OverDrive Read lets you read eBooks right in your browser—no extra software or login required. Simply click Read next to a borrowed eBook to begin reading.

For more information, visit

High School faculty and students may log in using their five digit id number. (The same one used at lunch).

Need more help?

For more help, including device-specific instructions, how-to videos, and a link to contact support, visit the Help section on your library’s OverDrive-powered website or come by the library and see Mrs. Lawrence.