Why substitute at SISD?

  • Substitutes can choose what days and campuses at which they want to work.

  • All staff is required to leave lesson plans and detailed instructions.

  • Great support from administrators and other campus staff.

  • Help assist SISD in educating our students every day by contributing to the success of our students.

  • Substituting is an opportunity to interact with students of all ages from 2 months to high school.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED.  Two hours of substitute training, a background check and fingerprinting are necessary before being placed in a job.  Click here to Apply online.

Work Hours:

  • 7:45 - 3:45

Daily salary:

  • $70 for no college degree 

  • $75 for college degree 

  • $85 for college degree with teacher certification

If in a long term assignment, after 10 days pay Increases to:

  • $75  for no college degree

  • $80 for college degree

  • $105 for college degree with teacher certification

Days worked can "count" toward Teacher Retirement System.