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TSC21 for Teachers

Teaching with a 1:1 iPad implementation can TRANSFORM the learning process for kids.

  • Allow students to Research, Create, and Collaborate with their devices as naturally as breathing
  • Give students a global audience - not just the one classroom teacher
  • Give kids Anytime / Anywhere Learning

The core of TSC21 is not just flashy animations and game-like apps. It is not just about substituting a piece of paper for a digital pdf (even though saving paper is a good thing). TSC21 is about focusing as much on what is going into the iPad as what is coming out. While learning management systems can be important and useful, the video camera, audio recorder, collaboration portal, and multimedia notebooks of individual students’ creations can connect and internalize learning as never before.

We must see technology as a core part of learning. Those of us who grew up with different methods of instruction and learning must now adjust to the new way students learn.

Remember: Technology is now part of our students DNA. We must teach in a way that best allows students to learn. Even if this means that we must learn new techniques.

In the same regard, we cannot discipline today by taking away a student's technology any more than we could have taken away a textbook years ago. This requires a refresh of our classroom management skills and a commitment to upgrade our own knowledge of technology. We must also be prepared to teach our students how to use their technology responsibly. How can we do that if we don't really know how to use the devices ourselves?

Change is never easy. But our students are worth it.


The Foundation


The core technology for content delivery and assignment return is eBackpack.

Getting your students started with eBackpack


Where to begin with mobile technology implementation?

( 1 ) Let's begin by accepting the fact that there are many ways to do the same thing within the framework of technology and there may be no one "right" answer. What is best for me may not be best for you. Tradeoffs will be a part of almost any discussion. Technology tools will be created, evolve, and go away.


( 2 ) Kids have an internal need to make a contribution to your classroom and their community.

Teachers can tap into this need and also incorporate student iPads into their classrooms right away. First, we need to change our belief that students are only learners in our classrooms - to the belief that students are contributors to our classrooms. This shifting of control from teacher-centered to student-centered is the most important change you can make as we move into the 21st Century. Think about where the focus is in your classroom - is it on you? or the students? TSC21 is dedicated to helping you make this critical change.

Where to Start? Try These:

  • Identify one student, or group of students, to be the "researcher" for that day - using search to find relevant web resources that deepens the understanding of the objectives and then posts these links to the daily journal.
  • Identify one student, or group of students, to be the scribes for that day's work - responsible for posting the days' notes to the daily journal (after the whole class goes through a vetting process of the proposed notes)
  • Identify one student, or group of students, to reflect on what they are learning that day and explain why it is important to the world - how does it apply to real world situations? This too is researched on the web and posted to the daily journal.
  • Identify a student, or group of students, to be responsible for curriculum design - searching for models, assignments, and assessments that other teachers and classes are using for the same learning objectives. Kids will be looking for the types of assignments they would like to do.
  • Identify a group of students, or have multiple groups perform the same task, to create a podcast (video) that reviews the work accomplished that week. The podcast will detail the weeks' objectives learned and reflect on its importance - posting the video so that all may view it. Assign roles for producers, directors, actors, writers, editor, camera operator, etc. at the beginning of the week so that the students can collect artifacts throughout the learning process to use. The end result will be a "story" that tells of what the kids learned that week.


SAMR Model



One Best Thing - From Apple Distinguished Educators

“One Best Thing is a collection of books created by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) that demonstrate the use of Apple technologies to transform teaching and learning. Each One Best Thing book shares a unit, a lesson, or a best practice and is designed to help another educator implement a successful practice. It’s a professional learning idea championed by an educator—in word and action—that others can look to for ideas and tips on how to replicate." (Excerpt From: Dan New. “Transforming Math with iPad: Strategies for Best Practice.” Dan New, 2014. iBooks. https://itun.es/us/pSdEY.l)

To find the One Best Thing Books, search "One Best Thing" on the iBooks Store - or use the links below to go to several of these resources - iBooks for iPad, iPhone, or Mac required:

Transforming Math with iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/transforming-math-ipad-strategies/id846740239?mt=11

Publishing Student Authors on the iBooks Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/creating-authentic-stories/id845058751?mt=11

Write to Change the World (Challenge Based Learning): https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/write-to-change-world-challenge/id835453522?mt=11



What about Apps for my Content Area?     

Graphite.org is a site that helps teachers locate great apps and technology.

iPads in Schools Livebinder - http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/26195



Classroom Management Tips for 1:1 iPad Rooms



Digital Classroom Strategies from Clear Creek ISD: 

Writing to Learn

Talking to Learn

Effective Questioning


Collaborative Group Work

Literacy Groups