The SISD Technology Loan Program has officially ended. 

We are currently in the process of collecting all program devices from students. These materials include the Apple iPad, charging brick, charging cable, and the device case. If you are still in possession of these materials, please return them to your campus library as soon as possible.



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Learning results from the continuous dynamic interaction among students, teachers, parents and the extended community. SISD's Technology Immersion program, TSC21, exists to transform our classrooms, changing teachers from controllers of knowledge to facilitators of learning, incorporating world-class instruction and tools into lessons that can engage students anytime and anywhere.

Information & Documents for Our Program:


2017-18 SISD Technology Loan Program Overview & Agreement

iPad Deposit Refund Request Form  


Google Takeout - How to Transfer your SISD Google Account

In Your Home Web Filtering

TSC21 mobile devices are designed to use the internet and take advantage of the excellent educational resources found on the world wide web. Unfortunately, the internet also has many areas that are considered adult only and not safe for children. Sweetwater ISD has system wide Web Filtering in place to protect kids while in class. So, anytime students are online at school, they are prevented from loading adult sites on their machines and devices. You can use this same type of web filtering in your home as well by setting up services such as Open DNS. There are several different options out there and best of all many are free.

Find Out More at the OPEN DNS Website


To apply an immediate free filter on your home internet using default Open DNS settings, check your internet router instructions manual to determine how to change your router DNS settings.

You will need to change your internet connection's DNS server setting to: 

primary -

secondary -