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Business and Finance

The 2021-2022 SISD budget was prepared following District procedures, which include identification of required fixed costs and subsequent discussions with district and campus-based leaders to drive priority-based budgeting. Campus and department leaders engaged in identification of priority initiatives and activities and categorized estimated expenditures. All budget drafts were received in early June.

The Business and Finance department has collaborated with district and campus-based leaders to evaluate requests for expenditures on products and services required to support personnel and students as they address learning gaps created by COVID-19, identify historical trends to inform fiscal responsibility and determine whether additional funds will be needed for program support and expansion. As each department identifies these required expenditures, Business and Finance is working to reprioritize initiatives and expenditures to ensure they align with the District’s strategic goals and priorities.

Additional  ESSER III Federal Funds will be utilized to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Areas addressed with these funds include social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of students.  The district will increase access to educational opportunities, provide additional curriculum and instructional support, expand learning opportunities, increase safety protocols and address basic district operational needs through the use of the additional federal funds.

Compensatory Education, Title I, and IIA funds will be utilized to increase staffing for instructional support, provide intervention services for at-risk students, and expand educational  programs to address learning loss.


Financial Transparency

  • All requests for purchases must be submitted to the business department on an official district purchase order (PO) form with the appropriate approval signatures. No purchases, charges, or commitments to buy goods or services for the district can be made without a PO number. The district will not reimburse employees or assume responsibility for purchases made without authorization. Employees are not permitted to purchase supplies or equipment for personal use through the district’s business office. Contact Casey Bills for additional information on purchasing procedures.
  • District fiscal procedures apply to all financial transactions regardless of the funding source. The Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) govern all federal grants awarded by the US Department of Education to the state or to a local education agency.  Detailed EDGAR procedures are located in the SISD State & Federal Grants Manual.
  • More "Activity" on Activity Funds Coming Soon!!!
  • Student groups or classes and/or parent groups may be permitted to conduct fundraising drives for approved school purposes. The campus principal will give approval for fundraising activities.
  • The Board or any employee may not directly or indirectly require or coerce an employee to make a contribution to a charitable organization or in response to a fundraiser. Employees cannot be required to attend a meeting called for the purpose of soliciting charitable contributions. In addition, the Board or any employee may not directly or indirectly require or coerce an employee to refrain from making a contribution to a charitable organization or in response to a fundraiser or attending a meeting called for the purpose of soliciting charitable contributions.
  • Employees may not accept gifts or favors that could influence, or be construed to influence, the employee’s discharge of assigned duties. The acceptance of a gift, favor, or service by an administrator or teacher that might reasonably tend to influence the selection of textbooks, electronic textbooks, instructional materials or technological equipment may result in prosecution of a Class B misdemeanor offense. This does not include staff development, teacher training, or instructional materials such as maps or worksheets that convey information to students or contribute to the learning process.
  • All employees should act with integrity and diligence in duties involving the district’s financial resources. The district prohibits fraud and financial impropriety, as defined below. Fraud and financial impropriety include the following:

    • Forgery or unauthorized alteration of any document or account belonging to the district

    • Forgery or unauthorized alteration of a check, bank draft, or any other financial document

    • Misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies, or other district assets including employee time

    • Impropriety in the handling of money or reporting of district financial transactions

    • Profiteering as a result of insider knowledge of district information or activities

    • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or proprietary information to outside parties

    • Unauthorized disclosure of investment activities engaged in or contemplated by the district

    • Accepting or seeking anything of material value from contractors, vendors, or other persons providing services or materials to the district, except as otherwise permitted by law or district policy

    • Inappropriately destroying, removing, or using records, furniture, fixtures, or equipment

    • Failing to provide financial records required by federal, state, or local entities

    • Failure to disclose conflicts of interest as required by law or district policy

    • Any other dishonest act regarding the finances of the district

    • Failure to comply with requirements imposed by law, the awarding agency, or a pass-through entity for state and federal awards

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