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Individualized Goal Setting - LevelUp

Opportunities for goal setting and revision using the feedback received will be provided to students. These opportunities will:   

  • Support students in defining individual goals aligned to identified success criteria. 

  • Allow for students to revise work to demonstrate new/additional understanding  

  • Students track their own progress through learning.
  • LevelUp Chart Video

    LevelUp charts are a tool used to show the progress your child is making through their instruction in the classroom.  LevelUp Charts are designed to be beneficial in: communicating each student’s performance and progress towards mastery as they learn new content and apply their learning; showing the value added to each student each year by aligning to the standards set by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that are assessed on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR); facilitating communication between parents and teachers; and helping save time by gathering input to quickly intervene to ensure each student makes progress.  Parents/Guardians will receive their child’s LevelUp Chart each six weeks in order to provide up to date and relevant information on how their child is progressing through content and processing skills. This data will help everyone work to place each student in their optimum learning environment.

    • We want to continually grow our students to give them the academic skills needed to prepare for a career of their choosing after high school. 

    • We want to individualize the instruction your child receives in order to create the best educational experience.  

    • We want to be transparent and openly communicate your child’s performance, and partner with you in creating the best plan to create further success. 

    • We want your child to take responsibility and ownership of their education and become a lifelong learner that reaches to achieve their goals.

    • They show you how your child performed last year. 
    • They show you how your child is currently performing.

    • They show you your child’s progress. 

    • They show you the performance goal for your child to achieve.

    • They give you information on what steps are being taken to help your child make progress towards achieving their goal. 
    • Ask yourself: How did my child perform the previous year? 

    • Ask yourself: How is my child currently performing? 

    • Ask yourself: Is my child performing better this year than last year?

    • Ask yourself: What accommodations, if any, were given during the test to my child? 

    • Ask yourself:  What action plans are being put in place to help my child achieve their goal?

    • Ask yourself, your child, and your child’s teacher: What can we all do to work together to make sure my child is making progress?

    1. Teacher class sheets are broken down into a separate sheet for each teacher by their classes/sections. 

    1. Teachers will receive an email with information and the link(s) to access their Teacher class sheets that will contain a list of their students and links so they can go to each class and click on each student's LevelUp chart.

    1. It is recommended, to create a bookmark or workspace to teacher class sheet(s):

    1. Open your teacher class sheet(s), you should have one for each class/section that would have been emailed and shared to you when the sheet is created.
    2. Select the Link for one student in your class

    3. Input the current assessment score and add the action plan for the student in the notes section. Mark any accommodations and update any student information on the sheet if applicable. 

    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all students have had their LevelUp chart updated for the 6 weeks.
  •  LevelUp charts will be evaluated based on the following characteristics in order to be used in many areas (i.e. ARD Meetings, 504 meetings, LPAC meetings, RtI, Parent Conferences, Planning instruction): 

    • Content -  related to the information entered (accommodations, goals, tested content, and clear communication)

    • Challenge - related to students making progress toward their goal(s)

    • Integrity - related to the follow through of providing interventions in the prior grading period

    Teachers will be provided feedback for continual improvement working with other teachers and campus leadership using the LevelUp chart rubric each six weeks during data days.

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