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Instructional Facilitation 

Sweetwater ISD believes in experiential learning through managed instruction and earned autonomy during instructional facilitation.  SISD has developed partnerships with local manufactures which support and enrich the experiential learning practices for SISD teachers and students.  SISD teachers will develop an understanding of their student’s unique needs within their optimal learning environment.  This understanding will be based upon general knowledge of the student, individualized student data, and the student's individual learning style(s).  Instructional autonomy is earned overtime based upon student achievement results and fidelity to the course expectations. Both managed instruction and earned autonomy work together to enhance the optimum experiential learning environment for the student and the teacher. 


Sweetwater ISD manages the instruction or the taught curriculum, through the Curriculum Map and Guides, across the district in order to provide consistent and equitable content to all students by setting the scope and sequence for each subject and grade level. The scope and sequence is continually adapted after each grading period depending on student academic achievement and results. Teachers are expected to follow and implement the scope and sequence with fidelity. Based on student academic achievement and results, autonomy is earned as teachers modify their instructional facilitation and delivery using a variety of learning styles, classroom arrangements, and techniques. 


Classroom instruction will follow the gradual release model; as teachers progress through the instructional period/lesson there will be a transition from teacher taking responsibility of learning to the student taking an increased level of ownership and responsibility.   Resources for learning are the tools which students can use to accelerate learning.  Using the C4B4ME model of Tier 1 instruction, classroom teachers are expected to leverage the four levels of resources to build our students capacity to become independent learners.


Classroom walkthroughs which are aligned to SISD Curriculum Map, Curriculum Guides, Gradual Release model, and C4B4ME resources are utilized to ensure the taught curriculum is aligned to the written curriculum.  Campus administrators will receive training and calibration practice on the completion of walkthrough forms (and T-TESS observations) to ensure consistent feedback is provided to teachers and achieve a high degree of inter-rater reliability.  The final step of alignment is to ensure the written and taught curriculum are created at the same level of rigor and with a focus on the same TEKS found in tested curriculum, STAAR and EOC exams.


Classroom Walkthrough Evaluation Form

  • In addition to the Curriculum Guides, two layers of instructional support exist for campus teachers.  The primary focus of these supports will be based on campus and district needs as determined by student outcomes on Common Assessments, STAAR data, and teacher needs.  For 2021-22 the focus will be on Reading and Math. 

    • Director of Instructional Support - will provide direct coaching and mentoring support to the district's intervention teachers (in Pre Kindergarten through 8th grade)  and classroom teachers in Middle School and High School.   In addition to direct support, training will be facilitated at the campus or district level based on documented or observed needs to better support student learning by developing the teachers and administrators in SISD.

    • Reading and Math Intervention Teachers - Southeast Elementary, East Ridge Elementary, Sweetwater Intermediate School, and Sweetwater Middle School will each have Intervention teachers who will be supporting the campus teachers and students in the areas of Reading and/or Math.  These teachers will be able to model effective and efficient instructional strategies to promote student success while simultaneously having a positive impact on all students across the campus.

  • During the 21-22 school year Sweetwater ISD will purchase all the school supplies for students in grades Prek-5 and most of the supplies for students in grade 6-12. By doing this we hope to provide an environment where: all students are equipped with the same supplies- providing more equity; students are not worried about not having supplies; all are prepared for school; the focus can be more on getting students Interested in learning; teachers spend less of their out of pocket money; self esteem of students is higher. The district provides instructional materials to students free of charge for each subject or class. Any student who does not return an item or returns an item in an unacceptable condition loses the right to free textbooks and technological equipment until the item is returned or the damage is paid for by the parent. However, the student will be provided the necessary instructional resources and equipment for use at school during the school day. Basic educational program materials are provided at no charge to a student. However, a student is expected to provide his or her own supplies, such as pencils, paper, erasers, and notebooks. A student may also be required to pay certain other costs, fees, or deposits, including: Materials for a class project that the student will keep; Membership dues in voluntary clubs or student organizations; Admission fees to extracurricular activities; Security deposits; Personal physical education and athletic equipment and apparel; Voluntarily purchased pictures, publications, class rings, yearbooks, graduation announcements, etc; Musical instrument rental and uniform maintenance when uniforms are provided by the district; Personal apparel used in extracurricular activities that becomes the property of the student; Parking fees and student identification cards; Fees for lost, damaged, or overdue library books; Fees for driver training courses; Fees for optional courses offered for credit that require use of facilities not available on district premises. Any required fee or deposit may be waived if the student and parent are unable to pay.

  • Google Classroom is the Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by Sweetwater ISD, to deliver the optimum learning environment for every student. This platform contains and can house district curriculum resources teachers will use when designing and delivering instruction for students.  All students will engage with classroom content materials in Google Classroom.


    SISD Google Classroom Learning Plan (District Expectations)

  • Sweetwater ISD offers asynchronous remote learning for 2021-22 under the provisions of SB15 and TEA to students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the State and district.  The plan may be accessed by the following link, if you have any questions concerning your students eligibility please contact your child's campus administrator. 


    2021-22 Remote Learning Instructional Plan

  • Technology in the hands of highly skilled teachers can be transformational. SISD classrooms and teachers are equipped with several technology devices to enhance and expand learning opportunities. Teachers are provided Chromebooks for take home and multi-purpose around the classroom.  Webcams are provided for use with classroom teacher desktops or Prometheans for Zoom or Google Meetings, announcements, recording lessons, videos, etc. Classroom management tools are in place to allow teachers the ability to manage content filtering, lock down browsers for assessment, and manage and monitor student activity on devices. Every teacher’s classroom is equipped with a 75" 4k Promethean ActivPanel and Promethean Chromebox to provide a richer browsing experience that can be navigated using touch or wireless keyboard. Paraprofessionals in the classroom have non-touch chromebooks available for use.

    SY 18-20

    • New core switch Installed at central hub

    • New content filter installed

    • All network closet and server batteries in backup units were replaced to maintain uptime and protect future infrastructure investments.

    • Over 200 Staff and teacher PCs were replaced.

    • Existing PCs upgraded to Solid State Drives

    • Added over 30 new laptops

    • All PCs/laptops were upgraded to Windows 10

    • Productivity Suite upgraded to Office Pro Plus 2019

    • Over 600 Student Chromebooks added

    • Implemented automated rostering and student account provisioning

    SY 20-21

    • Over 1300 Student Chromebooks added

    • 200 Teacher Chromebooks added

    • 64 new PCs

    • 30+ new laptops

    • Added digital signage at Intermediate School

    • 10 GB circuits were installed at each school (throttled down to 2GBs to reduce expenses)

    • Internet service was boosted to 3GBs

    • 40 - Wi-Fi 6(AX) Access Points were Installed

    • 3 Campus core switches installed capable of handling up to 40 Gbps Traffic (plan for dark fiber)

    • New servers purchased to keep servers and services up and running reliably.

    • Additional Security Cameras and Recording infrastructure upgraded, added Control center to monitor every camera’s status district wide

    SY 21-22

    • 256 - Wi-FI 6(AX) Access Points ordered

    • 22 - Switches to provide multi Gbps ports and 10+ Gbps uplinks

    • Tele/Communications platform upgrades

    • Digital Signage at additional schools

    • iMac lab at High School

    • Replace additional PCs

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