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Salaries, Wages, and Stipends

Employees are paid in accordance with administrative guidelines and an established pay structure. The district’s pay plans are reviewed by the administration each year and adjusted as needed. All district positions are classified as exempt or nonexempt according to federal law. Professional employees and academic administrators are generally classified as exempt and are paid monthly salaries. They are not entitled to overtime compensation. Other employees are generally classified as nonexempt and are paid an hourly wage or salary and receive compensatory time or overtime pay for each hour worked beyond 40 in a workweek. All employees will receive written notice of their pay and work schedules before the start of each school year. Classroom teachers, full-time librarians, full-time nurses, and full-time counselors will be paid no less than the minimum state salary schedule. Contract employees who perform extracurricular or supplemental duties may be paid a stipend in addition to their salary according to the district’s extra-duty pay schedule. Employees should contact payroll dept for more information about the district’s pay schedules or their own pay. 

SISD has undergone an extensive review of the district’s pay structures. Through this review process, SISD has worked to restructure the pay schedules and scales to provide more transparency, ease future planning, and provide alignment to market value. These are efforts to better recruit and retain highly qualified, effective, staff that have proven results improving student outcomes. The new pay structures for the 21-22 school year will provide SISD teachers with an average pay increase of 9.54%.

2022-2023 Pay Scale

  • The district is required to make the following automatic payroll deductions:
    • Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) or Social Security employee contributions

    • Federal income tax required for all full-time employees

    • Medicare tax (applicable only to employees hired after March 31, 1986)

    • Child support and spousal maintenance, if applicable

    • Delinquent federal education loan payments, if applicable


    Other payroll deductions employees may elect include deductions for the employee’s share of premiums for health, dental, life, and vision insurance; annuities; and higher education savings plans or prepaid tuition programs. Employees also may request payroll deduction for payment of membership dues to professional organizations and charitable contributions approved by the board. Salary deductions are automatically made for unauthorized or unpaid leave.

  • The district compensates overtime for nonexempt employees in accordance with federal wage and hour laws. Only nonexempt employees (hourly employees and paraprofessional employees) are entitled to overtime compensation. Nonexempt employees are not authorized to work beyond their normal work schedule without advance approval from their supervisor. A nonexempt employee who works overtime without prior approval will be subject to disciplinary action. Overtime is legally defined as all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek and is not measured by the day or by the employee’s regular work schedule. For the purpose of calculating overtime, a workweek begins at 12:00 a.m. Saturday and ends at 11:59 p.m. Friday. Nonexempt employees that are paid on a salary basis are paid for the hours set by the normal work schedule. Hours worked beyond the normal schedule up to 40 hours will be paid at a regular rate of pay. Employees may be compensated for overtime (i.e., hours beyond 40 in a workweek) at time-and-a-half rate with compensatory time off (comp time) or direct pay. The following applies to all nonexempt employees:
    • Employees can accumulate up to 60 hours of comp time.

    • Comp time must be used in the duty year that it is earned.

    • Use of comp time may be at the employee’s request with supervisor approval, as workload permits, or at the supervisor’s direction.

    • An employee is required to use comp time before using available paid leave (e.g., sick, personal, vacation).

    • Weekly time records will be maintained on all nonexempt employees for the purpose of wage and salary administration.
  • Occasionally, time clocks will become disconnected from WiFi or begin giving errors.  This seems to happen when location services for the clock in/out page is not allowed or accepted.  They occasionally prompt for this permission and if OK is not selected then it will not allow you to clock in/out. To resolve this error do the following steps:

    1. Select "Settings" (Gear icon)

    2. On left navigation scroll down until you see "Safari" if not in view

    3. Select "Safari"

    4. Select "Advanced" (very bottom)

    5. Select "Website Data"

    6. Select "Remove All Website Data"

    7. Select "Remove" (Popup)

    8. Go back Home (swipe up from bottom or press button)

    9. Select Frontline

    10. Select OK on prompt to allow access to Location

    11. Go back Home (swipe up from bottom or press button)

    12. Select Frontline (should start normally and ready to clock in/out)
  • Before any travel expenses are incurred by an employee, the employee’s supervisor and business manager must give approval. For approved travel, employees will be reimbursed for mileage and other travel expenditures according to the current rate schedule established by the district. Employees must submit receipts, to the extent possible, to be reimbursed for allowable expenses other than mileage.

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