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Section 504 

A student with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, as defined by law—and who does not otherwise qualify for special education services—may qualify for protections under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 504 is a federal law designed to prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities. When an evaluation is requested, a committee will be formed to determine whether the student needs services and supports under Section 504 in order to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE), as defined in federal law. Student accommodations and support will be provided according to the student’s 504 plan in order to help students maximize their learning progress. Additional guidance related to 504 procedures can be found on the SISD specialized support services website linked here. 

The designated person to contact regarding options for a student experiencing learning difficulties or regarding a referral for evaluation for Section 504 services is the counselor at each campus. 

504 Technical Assistance

  • Students who are chronically ill or have medical conditions that result in confinement to the home for at least four weeks may be eligible for the General Education Homebound (GEH) program. A parent or guardian may request consideration for GEH by contacting the principal or counselor and beginning the referral process for a Section 504 evaluation. The parent or guardian will provide information about the student and give consent for the district to contact the student’s physician. A student’s eligibility for GEH is determined by a Section 504/GEH committee that reviews information submitted by the parent or guardian and a physician licensed to practice in the United States. Absences accumulated before the placement meeting are not considered to be part of the four week confinement time. GEH is typically provided for several hours per week and cannot be considered equivalent to the full range of instruction provided in a classroom. GEH instruction is provided by a certified teacher, but not usually by the student’s classroom teacher. However the classroom teacher will be involved in GEH by providing assignments and materials to the GEH teacher. Parents will sign a GEH agreement with the district prior to beginning services in the home. This agreement outlines expectations, including the fact that the parent will be present in the home during the GEH instruction. GEH is a temporary educational placement, not an alternative placement for students who are frequently absent from school. Students are not permitted to attend any BISD extracurricular activities during the homebound confinement period. Dismissal from GEH services requires documentation from a physician.
  • A parent of a student who uses a service/assistance animal because of the student’s disability must submit a written request to the principal before bringing the service/assistance animal on campus. The district will try to accommodate a request as soon as possible but will do so within ten district business days.

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