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Theories of Action

Theories of Action are research-based high-level strategic constraints with which inputs and outputs must be aligned and which drives overall strategic direction. Unlike other constraints, the theory of action does not have CPMs.

Sweetwater ISD believes that greatness is a choice that is made with a mindset to be successful in an unknown future. This mindset is created with knowledge and skills learned during, from, and within educational experiences. Sweetwater ISD believes the optimum learning environment to grow every student every day is created through experiential learning, managed instruction, and earned autonomy. 

  • Experiential learning- Sweetwater ISD believes that experiential learning is the process of building knowledge by doing. By engaging in hands-on experiences and reflection, we  are better able to connect theories, knowledge, and learned skills to solve real-world situations. 

  • Managed Instruction- Sweetwater ISD believes that most things can be improved, and that most problems are found in behavioral processes, not people. Unintended variation in adult behaviors can lead to unwanted variation in outcomes. Optimum performance is achieved by building cultural competency using quality management tools that focus on systems, recognize internal and external stakeholders, and promote the need for objective data to analyze and improve. The concept of continuous improvement recognizes that improving the effectiveness of schools and teaching is highly complex and requires a sustained commitment to incremental, ongoing, improvements. 

  • Earned Autonomy- Sweetwater ISD believes that the essential purpose of a school system is to educate at a high level through an environment of quality teaching and learning. Sweetwater ISD recognizes the characteristics unique to each individual and provides a process for the development and expression of each individual’s innate potential, talents, and diversity. Individuals must adapt to different needs to improve the outcomes for everyone because one size does not fit all. 

Through these three theories of action SISD believes it will maintain the learning agility that is critical for success in the unknown future. Understanding the rigor and grit needed to reach greatness, SISD can never be satisfied where we are today because we can always improve, while at the same time, never being disappointed because we continually seek mastery. As we journey into the unknown future, we will experience challenges, but we can overcome these challenges together.

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