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Sweetwater ISD has adopted and enforces/complies with vending machine guidelines and food service guidelines. The district also has adopted and enforces penalties for the use of tobacco products by students. Interested persons can view these and all district policies online by going here.

School Health Advisory Council:
The Sweetwater ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group of individuals appointed by the school district who represent different segments of the community. The SISD SHAC is made up of parents, school staff, clergy, health care providers, extension specialists, community government officials, and human service agencies. They work together to provide advice on coordinated school health programs in order to improve the health of students and families.
Texas Immunization Requirements for Schools
Influenza vaccines may be obtained from your family physician or from the Sweetwater-Nolan County Health Department, located at 301 East 12th, Sweetwater, TX, or call (325) 235-5463.
  • All medications should be turned in to the main office or the nurse's office.  Medicine must be in the original container, whether it is over-the-counter medicine or prescription medicine.  Before we can give any medication to a student at school, we must have a medication permission form signed by the parent or guardian.  There forms are sent out at the first of school with other papers that need to be signed by the parent or guardian.  Children should NEVER carry medicine with them at school, unless it is an asthma inhaler prescribed by the doctor to be carried at school.  Diabetic students are also allowed to carry their diabetic equipment with them at school.

    A student with asthma or anaphylaxis may possess and selfadminister prescription asthma or anaphylaxis medicine while on school property or at a school-related event or activity if:
    • The medicine has been prescribed for that student as indicated by the prescription label on the medicine;
    • The student has demonstrated to the student’s physician or other licensed health care provider and the school nurse, if available, the skill level necessary to self-administer the pre-scription medication, including the use of any device required to administer the medication;
    • The self-administration is done in compliance with the pre-scription or written instructions from the student’s physician or other licensed health care provider; and

    A parent of the student provides to the school:
    • Written authorization, signed by the parent, for the student to self-administer the prescription medicine while on school property or at a school-related event or activity; and
    • A written statement, signed by the student’s physician or other licensed health care provider, that states
    • That the student has asthma or anaphylaxis and is capable of self-administering the medicine;
    • The name and purpose of the medicine;
    • The prescribed dosage for the medicine;
    • The times at which or circumstances under which the medicine may be administered; and
    • The period for which the medicine is prescribed. The physician’s statement must be kept on file in the school nurse’s office, or, if there is no school nurse, in the office of the principal of the school the student attends.
  • Children are allowed to attend school if there are no live lice present.  If live lice are present, then they must be treated with a lice killing shampoo at home.  A lice comb may be used to help keep the lice out of the child's hair.  We do not have a no-nit policy.
  • If your child becomes ill or injured at school, and it is minor, we will take care of it at school.  If it is serious, we will try to contact the parent/guardian or someone listed as an emergency contact on the child's enrollment forms. Please be certain you have listed several contacts/phone numbers so someone responsible for the child can come to the school to pick up your child and take him/her to the doctor, if necessary.
  • If your child has an illness that you want us to know about, please feel free to call us.
  • The District shall require students in grades 6–8 to participate in moderate or vigorous daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes for at least four semesters during those grade levels as part of the District's physical education curriculum.
    The District may as an alternative require a student enrolled in a grade level for which the District uses block scheduling to partici-pate in moderate or vigorous physical activity for at least 225 minutes during each period of two school weeks.

    The District must provide an exemption for:
    1.    A student who is unable to participate in the required physical activity because of illness or disability; and
    2.    A student who participates in an extracurricular activity with a moderate or vigorous physical activity component that is con-sidered a structured activity and meets the requirements for extracurricular activity as defined at 19 Administrative Code 76.1001.

    The District may allow an exemption for a student on a middle or junior high school campus participating in a school-related activity or an activity sponsored by a private league or club only if that ac-tivity meets each of the following requirements:
    1.    The activity must be structured;
    2.    The Board must certify the activity; and
    3.    The student must provide proof of participation in the activity.

    A “structured activity” is an activity that meets, at a minimum, each of the following requirements:
    1.    The activity is based on the grade appropriate movement, physical activity and health, and social development strands of the essential knowledge and skills for physical education specified in 19 Administrative Code Chapter 116; and
    2.    The activity is organized and monitored by school personnel or by appropriately trained instructors who are part of a pro-gram that has been certified by the Board.

    Education Code 28.002(l)–(l-1); 19 TAC 103.1003

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