Leadership Evaluation

Leadership Evaluations are routine monitoring of board and superintendent performance conducted by the board. Superintendent evaluation is indistinguishable from district evaluation. As such, the superintendent’s evaluation is based only on accomplishment of the student outcome goals, avoidance of the constraints, and progress as determined by their respective progress measures.

Board Self-Evaluations

The SISD school board uses the Lone Star Governance Integrity Instrument to self-evaluate quarterly as a means of monitoring whether or not their adult behaviors are increasingly focused on improving student outcomes. The Lone Star Governance Integrity Instrument is a continuous improvement framework, used for quarterly self-evaluations on researched based behaviors, for school governance teams that commit to focus on improving student outcomes. Within the Lone Star Governance Integrity Instrument, the SISD School board uses the Lone Star Governance Time Use Tracker to monitor the amount of time the board spends focusing on student outcomes compared to other areas. The School Board Self-Evaluation scores are tracked using the Lone Star Governance Quarterly Progress Tracker.

Superintendent Evaluations

The Superintendent Evaluation is a tool used to report performance towards achieving student outcome goals and constraints. As superintendent performance is indistinguishable from school performance, evaluation targets are considered met if the annual targets of the Student Outcome Goals or Constraints are met OR 2/3 of the respective GPMs or CPMs are met. Superintendent performance is considered met if 75% or more evaluation targets are met. If 75% or more of the evaluation targets are not met, the board will use their own judgement for performance based upon the Monitoring Reports received and voted upon according to the Monitoring Calendar.