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New Hire Technology Tips
  • Login Information

    Devices: *After a password change remember to update your password settings on all your devices such as your phone's mail app or wireless settings otherwise it can cause your account to be locked out.

    Teacher/Staff PC: To set Computer/Network logon it is best to first login to a Windows PC (password should be provided at on-boarding)

    • The Complexity Requirement is - a minimum of 8 Characters long, include Uppercase and Lowercase letters, or Special Character (must have 3 of the 4 criteria).
    • Your Windows/Wireless login when set on a Windows PC or reset by IT person will sync to Google.  It is possible for them to be different if you change your Google Password after setting Windows/Network password.

    Chrome OS(Chromebook/Chromebox/Chromebase/Promethean Chromebox)

    • Login will be your Google Account (email is username), password should be same if set on PC first, if not then you may need to find a PC to login and set initial password or if expired


    iOS (iPad):

    • While we have Apple School Manager and use an MDM we do not create Managed Apple IDs at this time.  You can use Classroom to manage any iPads you have.  However to sync to iCloud you will just need to create your own Apple ID.
    • Any apps that need to be installed on iPad need to be requested with a Technology Support Request so we can "purchase" and deploy the app.


    Wireless BYOD: "SISD Staff"

    • Enter your firstname.lastname and it will be the same password used on a Windows PC (must be set initially), if the force change at next login is set you will not be able to connect to Wireless. 
    • If you use an Android phone you will need to utilize these settings (PEAP, MSCHAPV2, Ignore/Do not validate Certificate).
    • Need to follow the link and install the content filter certificate for your personal device to "trust" the content filter:

    Google Chrome - Create Chrome browser profile and enable Sync.  Bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings will automatically sync.

    Eduphoria - When your account is created you will receive an email with your logon information.

    Ascender Admin: Contact the campus Principal for this information.

    Gradebook - You register your account following the documentation that will be provided to you.

    Copier/Printing: Your employee ID is your "copier code", check with your campus admin incase they have a person designated to run the copy machines.

    Phone/Voicemail: To change your greeting - Press the messages button (envelope), the default voicemail PIN is 123456#, Option 4, Option 1.

    Voicemail Alternate Greeting, Voicemail Remote Checking

    1. Dial your direct line or 325-235-8601 then your extension
    2. When you get to your voicemail prompt, press *
    3. Enter your extension (not last 4 of number but your 3 digit extension)
    4. It will ask for your voicemail pin that you use at work. Example 123456# 
    5. You can listen to your messages, or if you want to record a new greeting, select option 4
    6. Press 1 to listen to your greeting. Then press 1 if you want to record a new greeting.  

      For more information use the following reference (PDF)

    Curriculum: See the Staff Intranet page under Information > Staff > Intranet or by clicking the home (house icon up on the menu by the address bar)

  • Support 

    Technology: Technology related issues or student support issues please put in a Technology Support Request.  The link is on our intranet page always under Frequent in the center column.  Currently we use ServiceDesk Plus

    Ascender or Gradebook: Contact Tamra Burt or 325-235-8601 x114

  • Clearing your browser cache

    If you are having issues with Sites it may be necessary to clear your browser cache.  A shortcut to do this is Control+Shift+Delete.

    • For chrome, make sure the time range is All Time and the check-boxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are checked. 
    • For Firefox, ensure the time range is Everything and the Active Logins, Form & Search History, Cookies, Cache, and Offline Website Data checkboxesare checked.  
    • For Edge the defaults are fine (top 4).
    • This works for TxEIS, Gradebook, and many other related website issues.
  • Phishing / Malicious attempts

    As some of you may already know, there are many attacks/scams/campaigns against school districts and we hear about more and more that are very successful.  They are occurring frequently in Texas as the bad guys are learning they can make a lot of money from districts.  Currently, we are receiving emails that attempt to impersonate other employees trying to trick you into divulging bits and pieces of information or making important/urgent requests of you.  We will develop better information for you to use as a reference, but in the meantime below are some quick tips since it is a CURRENT issue.  

    1. Question everything, especially if it is something you were not expecting, observe the from email address such as "Firstname Lastname<
    2. Do not click any links in emails that you think may be suspicious, hovering over a link will usually reveal the true URL.  If you follow a URL use the address bar to verify it is legitimate or the preferred method is to use a trusted source to navigate to the website such as the district website.  Do not Google TxEIS and expect to get our server, you may, in fact, be logging into a server designed to get your credentials.
    3. Do not worry about inconveniencing the other party as they use a sense of urgency to get you to take action.  Don't worry we will not disable or delete your data if you do not take action (for example).
    4. Notify IT of the email, we can look into them and let you know if it is safe to proceed or if it is trash-worthy and notify all parties who need to know they phishing attempt or campaign is occurring.


    Test your knowledge and take the quiz.

  • Saving documents or data

    • Save documents to Google Drive - They are accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.
    • Utilize Google Drive File Stream on a PC (if not installed or do not know how, contact IT) - This sync documents located on your PC to your Google Drive to be backed up or accessed from anywhere.

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