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Strategic Plan 20-21

Greatness is a choice, and Sweetwater ISD is committed to choosing greatness by improving every student every day. Sweetwater ISD’s S3trategic Learning Plan is built upon three S’s of being Specific, Systematic, and Sustainable.  

How can one be successful in the future even when you do not know what the future will be like? Growing learning agility is the key to being successful in the future. In and through the process to reaching greatness and being successful, we know that we can never be satisfied where we are because we can always improve and, at the same time, we must never be disappointed in how far we have come because we are working as hard as we can to achieve greatness and success. As we journey into the unknown future, we will experience challenges, but we can overcome these challenges together. We overcome these challenges by setting specific student outcome goals telling us what students know and what students are able to do, establishing systematic processes and procedures to execute a plan, while maintaining our core values, to achieve the student outcome goals, and creating sustainable progress to make the student outcome goals a reality by consistently, based on student data, monitoring and adjusting.  
  • Sweetwater ISD Student Outcome Goals


    Goal 1: The reading performance score for students on the STAAR will increase


    Goal Progress Measure 1.1: The number of monitoring reports given annually to the board on student common assessment reading performance will increase from 0 to 3 by September 2021 and maintain at least 3 per year through September 2023

    Goal Progress Measure 1.2:The Percentage of Pre-K students that are Kindergarten ready in reading will increase from X% to Y% by June 2025 (establishing baseline in 20-21).

    Goal Progress Measure 1.3:The Number of Kindergarten through 2nd Grade students that are on grade level in reading will increase from X% to Y% by June 2025 (establishing baseline in 20-21).
    Goal 2: The math performance score for students on the STAAR will increase. 
    Goal Progress Measure 2.1: The number of monitoring reports given annually to the board on student common assessment math performance will increase from 0 to 3 by September 2021 and maintain at least 3 per year through September 2023.
    Goal Progress Measure 2.2: The Percentage of Pre-K students that are Kindergarten ready in math will increase from X% to Y% by June 2025 (establishing baseline in 20-21).
    Goal Progress Measure 2.3: The Number of Kindergarten through 2nd Grade students that are on grade level in math will increase from X% to Y% by June 2025 (establishing baseline in 20-21).
    Goal 3: The percentage of graduates that are CCMR will increase.
    Goal Progress Measure 3.1: The percentage of graduates earning an industry certification will increase from 18% to 30% by August 2025. 
    Goal Progress Measure 3.2: The percentage of graduates meeting CCMR by earning college credit will increase from 22% to 35% by August 2025.  
    Goal Progress Measure 3.3: The percentage of special education graduates that meet CCMR will increase from 0% to 90% by August 2025.  
  • Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Constraints


    Constraint 1: The Superintendent shall not hire any future Administrators who will not live in the community, without Board approval.


    Constraint Progress Measure 1.1: The percent of future administrative employees living outside the community without board approval will not increase from 0.

    Constraint Progress Measure 1.2: The number of recruiting events attended by SISD will increase from 0 to 6 annually.
    Constraint Progress Measure 1.3: The percentage of master teachers within SISD will increase from X% to Y% by 2025 (Establish baseline in 2021).

    Constraint 2: Superintendent will not make operational decisions that prevent access of all students to engage in learning.


    Constraint Progress Measure 2.1The number of SISD Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and wellness checks from counselor and nurse support will increase from 0 to 2000 by August 2025

    Constraint Progress Measure 2.2The percent of students in attendance during the school day will increase from 94.2% to 96% by 2025.
    Constraint Progress Measure 2.3: The percent of students that participate in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities will increase from x% to 90% by August 2025.

    Constraint 3: Superintendent shall not reduce transparency and communication measuring the impact on student learning.


    Constraint Progress Measure 3.1: The number of community meetings annually that communicate the progress towards student outcome goals will increase from 0 to 20 by August 2023. 

    Constraint Progress Measure 3.2: The number of updates provided annually by the superintendent to the community will be no less than 30 each year through August 2025. 
    Constraint Progress Measure 3.3: The number of centrally documented annual contacts with students and families will increase from 0 to 12,500by August 2025. 
  • Monitoring Calendar

In order to accomplish the student outcome goals and operate within the specific core values systems have to be created that keep the district effective and efficient. The Sweetwater ISD’s S3trategic Learning Plan has identified five systemic pillars that will guide the transition from a traditional school model to one that propels our mission through strategic structures and systems that support staff, students, and parents/guardians to choose the optimum learning environment for every student every day. The five systemic pillars are academic continuity, health and safety, student supports, operational structure, and human resources.

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