Aligned Curriculum

Content will be provided through a student’s optimum learning environment that are: 

  • Designed by teachers in alignment and collaboration with a Professional Learning Community (PLC) guided by Sweetwater ISD scope and sequence. 

  • Aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS). 

  • Focused on Experiential Learning by embedding opportunities to incorporate real-world teaching examples, hands-on activities, and business partnerships to provide relevant learning experiences for students both on and off campus. 

  • Delivered through school learning opportunities using the district identified Learning Management System, Google Classroom.  

  • Created using a variety of research based instructional practices to promote differentiation

    and student ownership of learning and behavior.  

  • Linguistically accommodated for Emergent Bilinguals to ensure that content is accessible and


  • Designed to include individualized supports for students receiving special education or 504 services, including accommodations and modifications as indicated in the IEP. 

  • Supportive of Gifted Learners and include curriculum alternatives to meet the unique needs of the students Provided by a teacher in the appropriate grade level/content area.