Student Records

Student records are confidential and are protected from unauthorized inspection or use. Employees should take precautions to maintain the confidentiality of all student records. The following people are the only people who have general access to a student’s records:

  • Parents: Married, separated, or divorced unless parental rights have been legally terminated and the school has been given a copy of the court order terminating parental rights

  • The student: The rights of parents transfer to a student who turns 18 or is enrolled in an institution of post-secondary education. A district is not prohibited from granting the student access to the student’s records before this time.

  • School officials with legitimate educational interests

A parent may review his or her child’s records. These records include: Attendance records, Test scores, Grades, Disciplinary records, Counseling records, Psychological records, Applications for admission, Health and immunization information, Other medical records, Teacher and school counselor evaluations, Reports of behavioral patterns, Records relating to assistance provided for learning difficulties, including information collected regarding any intervention strategies used with the child, as the term “intervention strategy” is defined by law, State assessment instruments that have been administered to the child, and Teaching materials and tests used in the child’s classroom