Are you aware that school vouchers is a hot topic in Texas Senate right now? If you are passionate about the funding staying in our public schools, please read below.

Next week the Senate Education Committee will hear several voucher bills.

All Texans should be alarmed by this action for three reasons:

1. Vouchers are coupons for wealthy families. In states where voucher programs exist, recipients have overwhelmingly been families who already had their children in private schools. In Arizona, 80% of voucher users were already in private schools. In New Hampshire that figure is 89%, and in Wisconsin it's 75%.

2. Vouchers drain money from public schools. Whatever politicians may say, every voucher, education savings account, special population voucher, 'carve out' voucher, or business tax credit will take money away from public schools. Texas is already $4,000 behind the national average when it comes to per pupil spending.

3. There is no such thing as free money. Those interested in preserving the independence of private schools, parochial schools, and home schools should be skeptical of vouchers, because government money always comes with government accountability. In other states, voucher programs have eventually required state standardized tests or curriculum requirements. 

This is the time to contact your legislative offices to discuss what is best for CHILDREN.

Tell your stories about your students and feel free to also use TACS talking points about vouchers.

You can also take time to complete an email and read through some great information that Raise Your Hand Texas has organized for your use to let your Senators hear from you!

TACS will card in support of these bills and visit with their offices to share the views of our members and the importance of funding public schools appropriately.