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BB Camp
The custodial team works hard to ensure our campus is taken care of and looks great. They use a team approach and help each other when needed. No matter what the campus needs, this team is available and ensures our campus SHINES! CONGRATS to Gisela Solano, San Juana Nunez, Dolores Gutierrez & Rose Gonzales! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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SMS Team
We're thrilled to announce the new app for Sweetwater ISD! It's everything Sweetwater ISD, in your pocket. Download for Android https://bit.ly/3PWzvME Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3POvauE
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The Science Department's dedication to innovation is truly commendable, as they are constantly seeking new and inventive ways to bring science to life for their students. Their tireless efforts and hard work are a testament to their unwavering commitment to student success. Their passion, collaboration, and dedication to their students makes them an invaluable asset to our school community. CONGRATS to Daniel Cason, Caleb Thomasson, David Brown, Breanna Guerrero & Whitney Feasor! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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SHS Team
THANK YOU to our Committee Members for all your time & support. Exciting times for the construction of the PUCKETT and DUDENSING CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTER! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Ground Breaking 2
Ground Breaking for the PUCKETT and DUDENSING CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTER! Great Beginnings for our Future! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Ground Breaking
Girl's Basketball Camp UPDATED TIMES! Camp begins Wednesday, June 12th! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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BB Camp
Save these dates for our Lady Mustangs! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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VB  2024
Mrs. Cuellar's passion for early childhood education shines through in her innovative teaching methods, nurturing approach, and unwavering support for her young students. Her tireless efforts both inside and outside the classroom truly embody the qualities of an exceptional educator, making her a role model for her peers and an inspiration to the entire school community. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Mrs. Tipton is always willing to collaborate with the team to make adjustments to ensure all students are succeeding. Her students feel safe, valued, and respected because of the relationships she has built with each individual student. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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#MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Ms. Barnes builds positive relationships with each student. She also sets high goals for each student and pushes the students to their best both academically and socially. She goes beyond the school day for her students by attending their community events and activities. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Mrs. Hodnett's dedication to building strong relationships with her students is truly admirable and has a lasting impact on their lives. She is a shining example of what it means to be an exceptional PE teacher and colleague. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Mr. Marlett uses different learning and research opportunities to engage his students with the social studies content. His ability to plan engaging lessons and allow students to discover learning on their own is why students enjoy his classroom. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Mrs. Rosson embodies the spirit of dedication and hard work, consistently going above and beyond to ensure her students' success in Algebra. Her commitment to excellence is truly commendable, as she holds her students to high standards and empowers them to reach and surpass those standards each and every day. CONGRATULATIONS! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Sweetwater ISD will be offering free meals to all children 18 years old and younger during the month of June (Monday thru Thursday) in the SIS cafeteria. Every child in the community is welcome. All meals must be consumed on site. Adults may get a tray for $5.00. Breakfast- 7:30 am to 8:05 am Lunch - 11:55 am to 12:30 pm
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Summer Food
Everyone is invited to join us at the corner of 12th & Crane Street at 4:30 on Monday afternoon for a GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY! Look for the tent. Great beginnings for our future! #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Beginning in August, SISD is set to enhance its childcare services for both staff and the Sweetwater community, led by Savannah DeLeon in her role as Daycare Director. With extensive expertise and experience in the daycare environment, Savannah is poised to make a significant impact on the foundational development of our youngest learners within SISD. Expanding these services underscores our commitment to supporting our staff and community members by providing reliable and high-quality childcare options. Savannah's leadership will ensure that the daycare program not only meets but exceeds the needs and expectations of all involved, fostering a nurturing and enriching environment for the early development and growth of our students. #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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With more than two decades of experience in classroom teaching and campus leadership, Amy Nixon is transitioning to district-level administration as the SISD Instructional Coordinator, effective this fall. In her new capacity, Amy will leverage her wealth of knowledge to guide our teachers in implementing newly adopted curriculum and to support campus leadership, all aimed at providing the best educational experience and learning outcomes for SISD students. #MustangSpirit #whereeachchildmatters
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Amy Nixon